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Blog Feature

By: Adam Higgins
July 23rd, 2020

As an association marketer, you likely have an e-newsletter that you send out to your members on a regular basis. This newsletter contains valuable information about upcoming events, opportunities for personal and professional development, and news in your industry.  All of this information is great, but it can be difficult to select the topics that are broad enough to apply to your entire audience yet specific enough to deliver meaningful content that keeps your members engaged

Blog Feature

By: Emily Nash
November 24th, 2017

This time of year feels like one big Hallo-Giving-Mas-New-Year holiday; and by that we mean it will be a new year before we can finish our pumpkin spiced lattes. And because Christmas ornaments have been out at Target since August, we think it’s fair to start planning for 2018.


Blog Feature

By: Emily Nash
August 29th, 2017

You may have heard that SEO (search engine optimization) is the new salesperson, but we could also make the case for why personalization is the new sales-person. While SEO is the practice of optimizing content for search engines to serve your site ideally on the front page of the search engine results page (SERPs), personalization goes one step farther while serving custom experiences to your potential leads and searchers.


Blog Feature

By: Liz Mackenzie
August 17th, 2017

It’s no secret that the demand for marketing to be more personal is getting stronger by the minute.  People are receiving too many emails from too many companies and organizations are struggling to set themselves apart from the others. Associations alike are under constant pressure to capture new members and retain existing ones thus, driving the need for more personalized messaging. 

Blog Feature

By: Abigail Conlon
August 2nd, 2017

Did you miss out on last week’s webinar? Check out this recap of “Evolving Your Marketing Technology Stack to Drive Business Results – Personify”. Suzanne Carawan, HighRoad Solution, and Dave Sherman, American Optometric Association, walked through a case study of AOA’s journey to marketing bliss by taking initiative in the digital marketing world to generate revenue in their own organization!