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Liz Mackenzie

By: Liz Mackenzie on August 17th, 2017

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The Importance of Data and Personalization

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It’s no secret that the demand for marketing to be more personal is getting stronger by the minute.  People are receiving too many emails from too many companies and organizations are struggling to set themselves apart from the others. Associations alike are under constant pressure to capture new members and retain existing ones thus, driving the need for more personalized messaging. 

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But first, in order to deliver effective, more personalized experiences for your customers, your company has to come up with a sensible data strategy. Here are some steps you should take to help you get there:

Come up with a Sensible Data Driven Strategy

1. Determine your organizations goals- retaining current members and attracting new ones is likely everyone's goal. 

2. Be familiar with the data you already have- targeting old members is always a great place to start a win-back campaign!

3. Create a roadmap for analyzing and using that data- decide what information you have and still need to obtain so you can segment a specific demographic based on location, sex, age, online behavior, etc.

4. Use marketing automation to execute on your strategy- once you have all of the above items figured out, you can easily automate the process.

Implementing a Data Process 

1. Take the time to do a massive "clean up" of all of your existing data. Really dig deep and make sure your current members have correct information. Consider what to do with people that have left an organization or have opted out of your communications. For optimal results, this step is critical to do BEFORE segmenting and sending personalized messages.

2. Make sure that anyone that touches your data internally at your organization is on the same page. Set up a training to explain what fields are most important and why. Really take the time to make everyone understand your efforts and how their actions impact the overall goals.  When your marketing, sales and technology teams are all working in lock step to make sure member accounts are always up to date, everyone wins!

Capturing Complete Data

Associations today have more member information at their fingertips than ever before, and they can use that data to get to know their members in depth. However, most marketers are still stuck with the basics—email, name, location, and demographics—when it comes to capturing data.  While more advanced metrics like lifestyle, online behavior, and social cues often get ignored. If you’re leaving out so many pieces of the puzzle, isn't it obvious that you’re not going to see the whole picture? Simply put, associations need to track every single interaction they have with a member from every single touch point, across all of your inbound, outbound, digital, offline, social and real-time channels.

Consider Marketing Automation for your Organization

When associations learn about marketing automation, it instantly makes sense. One platform that can bundle both in and outbound communications while providing insight metrics that track users so that you can send out the right messages at the right times? Yes, please. 

Whether you want to add on marketing automation to your martech stack already in place, or move all of your email marketing into a marketing automation platform, we have a solution for you.  Contact us at HighRoad and come see for yourself what marketing automation can do for you!

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