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Association Marketing

BAM! (Better Association Marketing)

Tools and insights to help associations get the most out of inbound marketing to retain members and grow revenue.


Blog Feature

By: Maneesha Manges
June 26th, 2020

Data-based marketing is nothing new. All marketing is based on some data. Before you reach out to any audience, you have to know a little about what makes them tick.

And everything you know counts as data. Their likes, their dislikes, their needs, their preferences. Their goals and the obstacles to their goals. All of these are data points that will help you produce a targeted, effective method.

Blog Feature

By: Emily Nash
November 24th, 2017

This time of year feels like one big Hallo-Giving-Mas-New-Year holiday; and by that we mean it will be a new year before we can finish our pumpkin spiced lattes. And because Christmas ornaments have been out at Target since August, we think it’s fair to start planning for 2018.


Blog Feature

By: Abigail Conlon
October 25th, 2017

Did you attend Higher Logic Super Forum this past week? What were some of your biggest takeaways? For me – it was understanding the importance of community data to associations and organizations. One session in particular titled "Buried Insight: Do More with the Data Your Association Generates" presented by Jon Wivagg and Pauline Siobhan Karpowicz, MBA, CAE, from Westat Center for Association Services took a deep dive into the importance of data. In case you missed out on Higher Logic Super Forum or were unable to attend Buried Insights, I will give a quick recap of my biggest takeaways about identifying and leveraging data!



Blog Feature

By: Jenny Lassi
August 22nd, 2017

We know it's a pain in the bum to travel and still attempt to fulfill all of your planned/routine work duties. Then once you're finally able to login, you only have limited access to the email platform's navigation? What is this some kind of cruel joke?

4 Steps To Create Compelling Content 11-2-16.jpg

Blog Feature

By: Liz Mackenzie
August 17th, 2017

It’s no secret that the demand for marketing to be more personal is getting stronger by the minute.  People are receiving too many emails from too many companies and organizations are struggling to set themselves apart from the others. Associations alike are under constant pressure to capture new members and retain existing ones thus, driving the need for more personalized messaging. 

Blog Feature

By: Jeanette Hausner
June 13th, 2017

As marketers, you use web analytics to check on the performance of your website and marketing campaigns.  You may be missing an opportunity if you are not also using analytics to obtain behavioral insights into your prospects and customers.  Using data to analyze customer behavior can play a huge role in your efforts to increase engagement, conversion rates, and sales.  The infographic below explains why you should use data to better understand your audience and how to create campaigns they will respond to.