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Why we’re different


We Care

We celebrate the impact that associations and non-profits organizations have on businesses, lives, and global issues.


We Collaborate

You won't find a more compassionate group of individuals willing to work together to solve tough problems. 


We Excel

We’re a diverse, innovative, and entrepreneurial team of data unicorns who know what it takes to help organizations reach their goals.

Our Culture? Caring is in our DNA.



We’re a passionate group of individuals who love to train, innovate, and motivate associations and nonprofits through technology. Why? Because we recognize the importance of their work and the impact they have on businesses, lives, and global issues.

From data integration to data activation, we: create the language between marketing, sales, and tech; impart the know-how on today’s evolving marketing practices; and provide the data centralization needed to help organizations grow.


We're 100% Virtual - We'll Always Be!

Before it was a "thing" to be virtual, we were virtual. Our founders promised themselves to never get lost in the grind and get frustrated with their commutes. HighRoad Solutions is a virtual company and we work mainly out of the eastern and central time zones. 

Working remotely means needing to create opportunities that encourage team work and collaboration. So while we may work from home, we definitely count on being able to see each other in person whenever we can. It might mean a quick gathering to catch the beautiful Cherry Blossoms in Washington, DC, or meeting our clients in the summer for a customer appreciation event. We try extra hard to build internal relationships as we know those bonds are what make us successful as a company.

What you should know about us ...

Work from Anywhere
As long as you can work in a quiet / professional setting to hold your internal and external meetings, you can literally work from anywhere (with some time zone exceptions of course!).
We've Got You Covered
Health Benefits (medical / vision / dental) are offered and employee premiums are 100% paid by HighRoad. We also provide group life, short-term disability and AD&D coverage.
401K Matching
We offer a 401K plan as well as a match, including access to free Merrill Lynch financial advisory services.
Unlimited Vacation Days
Employees who have been with HighRoad more than 3 years enjoy unlimited PTO.
Birthday Recognition
We're delighted to celebrate our staff! Take your birthday off if it falls on a weekday and enjoy your gift. Birthdays aren't the only reason to celebrate - you'll be recognized on your anniversary hire date with a gift as well!
Engagement Points
We like to keep it fun - we're a competitive bunch, so don't be surprised if you're pulled into a spontaneous trivia session. You can earn "points" for specific activities for annual prizes up to $2,500!

Meet Our Team

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