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What is Spark?

While most associations sit on a wealth of transactional and behavioral member and customer data, their data sources are often disconnected. Without a bridge between their data sources or the transparency to help marketers see beyond the data veil, associations will never have the complete data picture to drive their growth and engagement strategies.

Bam—cue Spark, an integration software that maps the data in your association marketing stack—AMS, EMS, digital marketing platform, and beyond—and puts the power in your marketers’ hands to spark data-driven results.

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How does Spark Work?

It’s a simple solution to a long-standing association challenge. HighRoad Spark provides a clean, intuitive, and flexible interface that allows marketers a one-stop ‘quick and painless’ shop to:

  • Sync data on-demand and quicker than ever before
  • Bridge multiple data sources with one-click source plug-ins
  • Connect pre-built queries from your AMS with your marketing platform
  • Map data and data attributes via drag-and-drop functionality
  • Spot-check and validate query counts in minutes for data confidence

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Why You Need It:

Marketing Teams

Get your data, your way through:

  • Empowerment: Take control of the data that drives your marketing approaches
  • Centralization: Bridge the demographic, psychographic, and behavioral data coming from disparate systems
  • Instant Gratification: Get on-demand access to list builds that may have formerly sat with your IT team
  • Transparency: Get optics into the data syncing over so that you’re confident about your audience segments

IT Teams

Activate your organization’s data through:

  • Time savings: Free up time by minimizing query/view/list pull requests from your marketing team
  • Centralization: Provide a one-stop solution that connects all of the data held in your organization’s systems
  • Flexibility: Allow your organization to evolve to other platforms—or jointly leverage platforms—without fear of data decentralization.
  • Data integrity: Build credibility, and better relationships, with your fellow colleagues

Plans and Pricing:

  • $7,500 one-time set-up fee
  • $7,000 annual for Email Marketing integration
  • $10,000 annual for Marketing Automation integration
  • Pricing is variable based on number of contacts 

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