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Can content strategy be led by AI?

Jul 17, 2024 12p

AI is the doer - the magical assistant “robot” we’ve all been dreaming for decades (maybe centuries). With it though, comes a lofty set of questions around copyright, intellectual property, ideation and originality. For content marketers, there’s a fine line to balance between the value of accelerated productivity, at the expense of control and ownership. How do you decide when it’s time to turn to AI? Is there even room for AI to build your overall content strategy? Join us as we discuss the potential application of AI for associations from a brand and content programming perspective.


Are you talking to me?! CPC vs EPC

Aug 21, 2024 12p

While the definitions of “compliance” and “preference” are pretty clear cut, the email marketing world has often interchanged these terms in efforts to build member engagement and improve campaign performance. The goal of an EPC (Email Preference Center) is rooted in maintaining compliance and adhering to CANSPAM laws. With more emphasis now placed on creating personalized digital experiences and user journeys, the lines are getting blurry around what you need to provide and offer to maintain compliance, and what you want to collect to personalize communications. We’ll discuss the mechanics behind a Communications or Content Preferences Center, how it differs from the traditional EPC and what associations should plan for in the future.


Building capacity at the top of the funnel - setting up your paid ads strategy

Sep 25, 2024 12p

Need to help your program and product managers expand reach and build more awareness? Sure, having a budget to spend on digital advertising is of course required, but are you ready to map your ad strategy AND execute? Many teams tend to lean too heavily into the creatives and gloss over critical pieces like audience building and keyword selection that directly influence spending. We’ll review a simple framework you can use to formulate your digital ad strategy and show you how you can setup, manage and report on the results of your campaigns in HubSpot.


When they stop opening your emails and ghost you

Oct 30, 2024 12p

Being ghosted isn’t a great feeling. Especially when you’ve invested so much time and effort into your campaigns. But the reality is that there’s a lot of noise out there in the digital world, especially when it comes to email, which is still the workhorse tool of association marketers. Join us to hear how to pinpoint the downturn in engagement metrics, gauge the level of indifference you’re dealing with, and plot a strategy to re-engage with members and customers who are the chronic “non-openers”.


Scouting for your next team - building marketing teams of the future

Nov 13, 2024 12p

Business Analysts, Martech Specialists, Digital Transformation Agents, RevOps Specialists - these are some of the emerging roles in the world of digital marketing. How do you know if your association is ready for these roles? As you work to upgrade your marketing technology stack, you’ll also find that the resources skilled in omnichannel marketing and data analytics are also likely from younger demographics - which means you’re building and managing a cross-functional AND multigenerational marketing team. So what should you watch out for? How do you make the case to your management team for the need to upskill? How do you ensure harmony across generations while tapping into those unique skillsets? We’ll be sharing experiences and insights that will help shape the future of association marketing teams.


The top 5 revops workflows you’re not running

Dec 11, 2024 12p

Join us as we wrap up the year with a peak into the critical workflows you need running behind the scenes to keep your data activated and supporting your association goals. Send off the year and leave the manual work in the hands of smart automated workflows so you can hit the ground running in 2025!

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