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BAM! (Better Association Marketing)

Tools and insights to help associations get the most out of inbound marketing to retain members and grow revenue.

Blog Feature

By: Adam Higgins
February 25th, 2020

There are many layers to our goals as email marketers. We want to craft well-written, high-impact messages. We want to send those messages to the right people at the right time. We want those people to actually read and engage with our messages. Thanks to standard reporting on most email systems, we have a pretty good handle on how well we’re doing with these goals. These four main KPIs (total sent, total received, total opens, and total clicks) have long been the standard for measuring the success of our email campaigns. However, these metrics don’t capture the overarching goal behind most email campaigns.

Blog Feature

By: Jason Green
February 12th, 2020

Oh, the dreaded "Unsubscribe" button. If you’re in charge of your association’s email marketing efforts, it’s the one link that you’re praying your members and prospects don’t click. After all, your emails contain valuable information about upcoming programming, industry insights, and ways to become more involved in your association. So, when they do click on that button to opt out, their connection to you can start to fizzle. Since the 3 Cscontent, community, and communicationis the intangible "product" that is membership, this disconnect can negatively impact your retention numbers. 

Blog Feature

By: Maneesha Manges
February 5th, 2020

When associations start planning to adopt a new marketing platform, they focus on the technical issues involved. Will the new platform work? Will it integrate with the other systems? Will we be able to run reports? 

But these technical issues are usually the easiest part of the upgrade process.

There are lots of other issues you’ll face when trying to adopt a new platform. Most of these roadblocks are related to people and processes – not the technology itself. 

None of these problems are insurmountable. You just need to be prepared and plan ahead. 

Blog Feature

By: Emily Wilson
January 31st, 2020

For every crafted email, there’s always uncertainty around its intended destination—the right inbox. You’d think that after crafting the right words, getting them approved, reworking, dropping the messaging into your branded template, and testing, the email would get to the right place. But we all know this just isn’t always the case. So how do we ensure that the effort we’re putting into our emails isn’t getting lost?

In short, email delivery ultimately comes down to two things— clean data and consistent engagement.

Blog Feature

By: Maneesha Manges
January 28th, 2020

When you form a strategic partnership with a consultant, they will offer your association guidance and support as you tackle some of your most challenging questions. How do you set realistic goals? How can you improve your processes? How do you get your team up to speed? These are all things that a consultant can help you figure out. 

Blog Feature

By: Larissa Bateman
December 27th, 2019

There’s a natural affinity between Marketing and Sales though sometimes it's hard to see it at play. Larissa Bateman, Account Executive at HighRoad Solutions, shares how her past lives have led her to this very natural spot in the space-time continuum, balancing inbound marketing and sales. Read on for her key takeaways after participating in HubSpot’s Pipeline Generation Bootcamp.