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Conversion Tracker

Use Conversion Tracking to measure the true ROI of your promotional email messages.

Your conversion tracker module allows you to:

  • Measure the direct impact of your specific email on recipients as they convert
  • Assess where your email influences members as they move through your funnel
  • Track different campaign conversions and performance over time to support informed decision making

A true marvel of marketing technology in action, Conversion Tracker simplifies the effort of tracking conversions by using custom javascript designed to track the actions your email recipients take as you push them to specific user journeys on your website. A dashboard view of your email performance from a conversion perspective shows you how effective your email was in earning program awareness or direct revenue.

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Conversion Capture

Increase revenue by an additional 11% as you capture abandoned shopping cart email transactions.

Your conversion capture module allows you to:

  • Automate the shopping cart abandonment experience to the cadence that optimizes conversions
  • Personalize the cart abandonment email to include compelling information that influences cart completion and conversion
  • Produce compelling reports for your management team

Capitalize on “low-hanging fruit” by automating email sequences to remind members of items still remaining in their ecommerce basket. A simple program sequence, can on average, increase revenue by 11% without the need of any manual labor or effort.

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