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Adam Higgins

By: Adam Higgins on March 6th, 2020

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Product Spotlight: Conversion Capture

Email Marketing | conversion rate optimization | Web-based triggers | Shopping Cart Abandonment

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We’ve all been there as consumers. We go to a website, place an item in our shopping cart, and then decide “Eh, maybe not. At least not yet.” We leave the page, we think on it for a few days, and maybe we come back or maybe we don’t. Maybe you’ve been on both sides of that situation, both as a marketer and a consumer.


As a marketer, you’re keen to get those people back, to reel them in, and to encourage them to complete their transaction. In the association world, this concept of “shopping cart abandonment” can become quite a bit more complex. Not only do members and customers place items in their shopping cart to purchase or abandon, they also may start taking an online course but neglect to complete it, or maybe they’ve taken the first step in an certification application but left it without finishing.  Conversion Capture, an Adestra add-on feature, is a solution that enables you to capture these individuals and market to them in a very specific way. 


What is Conversion Capture? 

Conversion Capture allows you to build journeys using web activity as your trigger. There are a number of actions a user could take on your website, and Conversion Capture allows you to automate the process of following up with these users in a way that will give them the nudge to complete their action. 


You may be thinking―but aren’t we already doing this with Google Analytics and Retargeting Ads? Well, yes and no. Google Analytics is useful for providing aggregated data about your website and how many times it’s being viewed, for how long, etc. But because that data is anonymous, it’s not as actionable as the data provided to you by Conversion Capture. With Conversion Capture, you’ll be able to understand the individual who’s started this action and build an email-based experience specifically for them to drive them to conversion


So how does the "magic" work?


From a technical perspective, our team at HighRoad will work with your team to install some javascript on your website which will track where the abandonment occurs and where the completion occurs based on your definition of these two occurrences. Conversion Capture also uses cookies to track the specific user journey. All of this data is sent directly back to Adestra for seamless, actionable reporting. 




How can Conversion Capture impact your marketing?


Conversion Capture enables you to analyze how well your website is performing in certain areas related to actions you’re driving your members to take. Using this information, you’ll be able to leverage your marketing technology stack to encourage completions in a personalized yet automated way. So while it's always intended to drive a conversion, overtime as you collect baseline performance metrics, you'll be able to shape your marketing approaches as you collect more and more intel on what drives a conversion.


And the conversion is defined by you. While shopping cart abandonments, registration form completions, and membership application submissions, are certainly standard use cases for the Conversion Tracker, there doesn’t need to be a transactional component at all. A conversion could, in theory, be hitting an event pricing page or hitting a landing page and exiting without taking action. Conversion Capture allows you to follow-up with that individual personally regardless of where they are in their journey.


So in essence, you can use Conversion Capture at any stage of the funnel: from awareness actions (i.e. clicking on a landing page) to consideration actions (i.e. visiting a conference agenda page) and decision actions (i.e. starting a registration form). 


Where does Conversion Capture fit into the world of martech stacks? 


The Conversion Capture is, in a way, the step between an email automation platform and a marketing automation platform. Whereas marketing automation is omni-channel in nature and built with conversions in mind, Conversion Capture integrates web-based trigger approaches in with Adestra's robust email capability and reporting functionality. So for those not yet ready for the recommended two-pronged approach (leveraging an email automation platform for member communications and a marketing automation platform for lead gen and upsell campaigns), Adestra's Conversion Capture bridges that gap. 


Because we, at HighRoad, are all about helping associations build the right marketing technology stacks for their needs, we understand the value of the flexibility of Conversion Capture and how it fits in the martech continuum. As such, when we work with you to configure Conversion Capture add-on functionality, we have a very consultative approach to ensure you're applying best-in-breed practices that are customized for your organization.


Through sessions and workbooks, our team will work alongside yours to understand your conversion goals and will help define the journey you want to build for your members and customers. We'll educate, configure, and test your initial Conversion Capture campaigns so that you're mastering the tool and able to apply the process to future captures.


If you're interested in learning more about Adestra's Conversion Capture, book a demo with us and we'll happily walk you through the tool. 

About Adam Higgins

For over 20 years, Adam has functioned as a marketing and business analyst for non-profits and associations. As Chief Technology Officer at HighRoad, he leads a team of software developers, business analysts, and customer support analysts to supports technical integrations between marketing automation platforms and digital systems. Throughout Adam’s career, he has bridged the gap between the business units and information technology departments. Often when he's working with clients, he is their defacto MarTech liaison and solution architect. Adam is a graduate from California State University, Dominguez Hills. He’s a Los Angeles native that now resides in Atlanta, GA with his wife and son.