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Liz Mackenzie

By: Liz Mackenzie on June 26th, 2017

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Top Ways to Increase Your CTR in Search Engines

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To make the most out of your search engine management campaigns, you need to make sure that your Google search click-through-rate (CTR's) are as high as possible. High CTR's in your Google search will not only bring you more customers, it will also lead Google to give you a higher ranking. Here are a few tips for increasing your CTR.


Analyze Your Underperforming Content

First, you need to know which headlines can be improved. Go to your Google Webmaster Tools dashboard and use the search analytics to see the percent of Google searchers who clicked on your headline, and for which keywords. If you see that an article is appearing a lot for a certain keyword but has a low CTR, you need to improve it. Remember to change your meta title and description; you do not have to change your actual article title.

Analyze Your Competition

Go to Buzzsumo and look for the most popular content in your niche. See the similarities between the headlines; this is how you find out what works. Of course, don’t copy any headlines; just use them to get ideas.

Use Rich Snippets

Rich snippets, such as overall star ratings, don’t do much for your actual rankings. However, they will definitely increase your click-through rate. Use different kinds of rich snippets, depending on your niche.

Tweak Your Headlines

There are certain words that are eye-catching. Words such as secret, how to, free, amazing, etc are proven to increase your CTR. Top number lists (such as The Top X Secrets of Etc) are also very popular and work great.

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