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Aaron Kapaun

By: Aaron Kapaun on June 30th, 2016

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Personalize to maximize

Email Marketing

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Many email Marketers are using Personalization to better reach their members, however not all are using best practices to help maximize their potential.  Personalization goes well beyond using a customer’s name.  There are many different was marketers can personalize. Are you asking the right questions to help get to the information you need to improve your personation?

It’s always helpful to do some prep work and the same can be said for segmenting your data and lists.  How well do you know your customers?  Do you know their intentions, interests, needs?  By asking simple and direct questions that address these needs, you will gain helpful insight to help you build more detailed and segmented lists.  While not all customer’s will provide you with the information you need, or possibly any at all, you’ll never get anything if you don’t ask.  It can be difficult getting started, creating a message to acquire this information you really want to know, so keep things simple at first.  Sending reminders are a great way to break the ice. For example, a reminder to your membership to update their interest areas or possibly updating their job or positional status.  Once you’ve been able to bridge that gap with you customers, try creating an automated reply message that asks further information in order to better serve their needs.  This data can help you create customer persona’s which help strengthen the relationships in the long run.  

Once you have the correct information, its time to create specific targeted content and speaks to your customer’s needs.   By doing this you are creating a more personalized approach to reaching out to specific groups of people.  By keeping your content relevant to the customer, you are strengthening the relationship you are trying to build with each individual.  Lastly, remember to be accessible, meaning make sure your message can reach your customer on multiple recipient platforms, i.e. mobile.  Optimizing for mobile is extremely important in today’s age of marketing.