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Liz Mackenzie

By: Liz Mackenzie on August 7th, 2017

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Get More from Your Digital Marketing By Using Landing Pages

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Many non-profit websites experience mediocre conversions because they send traffic to their home pages or to an ordinary page with a form on it. Driving traffic, whether through paid advertisements or social media campaigns, exacts a cost in either money or time. Of course, time is money if your digital marketing person is paid a wage or salary. Therefore, you want to make the most of your efforts by sending traffic to landing pages designed for specific campaigns.

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A landing page serves only one purpose: to get the visitor to take a specific action. That could be a donation, filling out a form, joining a membership, or joining your newsletter. Yes, designing separate landing pages for different campaigns requires more up-front work. However, failing to do this results in lower conversion rates, which means you will have to send more conent to generate more traffic. More traffic costs more money or requires more work, and it isn't always easy to come by.

Here are four key elements for making high converting landing pages:

Eliminate Distractions

Page elements that don't support the landing page's purpose shouldn't be there. Distracting elements include other call to actions and sidebar links to other pages or websites. For example, if the landing page is for donations, don't include a newsletter sign-up form on the same page.

Keep the Forms as Simple as Possible

Ask for the minimum information needed to complete the action. The more information required, the lower the form's conversion rate. A form with too many input fields can appear intimidating or look like too much work. People generally feel uncomfortable about giving away too much information about themselves.

Tell People How Their Money Is Used

When buying products online, people want to know what they're getting for their money. This is why product benefits and product images are so important. Similarly, people making donations want to know what others are getting for their money. Explaining who the recipients are and how they benefit will increase your conversion rate. An image of recipients experiencing these benefits is important as well. This also applies to causes that don't target people, such as the environment.

Include Testimonials

Testimonials prove that your product or service is worth something or that donations to your cause make a difference. People relate more to individual beneficiaries than to statistics and abstractions about the impacts of their donations. This is why personal testimonials of people whose lives were changed by your nonprofit are so effective.

To learn more about digital marketing techniques that will increase donations for your cause, contact us today.