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Katie Campbell

By: Katie Campbell on December 28th, 2017

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Your End of Year Email Wrap Up for 2018

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With the new year quickly approaching, there's nothing better than a check list to get you prepped and ready to come back from the holidays and make 2018 your best email digital marketing year yet.



#1: Make sure your 2018 objectives carry over in your digital space

Along with your New Year’s resolutions of promising yourself to continue using your gym membership throughout the entire year (or at least into… March?). It’s also important to start and stay inline with your associations objectives with what you are putting out into the digital world. This is something that could pose a challenge, but making sure both on and off the screen, your objective carry association wide, will emulate a stronger, more cohesive brand. Whether it's increasing your member retention numbers, promoting the new look and feel of this year’s annual conference, or promoting the new brand and message you decided on in 2017; make sure you are planned and prepared to carry that message throughout all marketing in 2018.


#2: Clean up your email lists

It's no secret that everyone has the goal of their association to have the best possible delivery rates and engagement. A big factor to make this a reality is keeping your email lists clean and tidy. 2018 is not the year to bring the ghosts of bad emails past from the previous year. You can make sure this doesn’t happen by removing any inactive or hard bounced email addresses. Making sure your lists are clean and up to date not only will improve your overall deliverability, it’s also going to make segmenting and staying on top of your primary objective (cough cough, #1) that much easier.


#3: Keep your new subscribers happy (and around)

With the holiday season coming to a close, many subscribers are hitting unsubscribe to rid all the unwanted emails. How are you going to keep the individuals email you worked for in 2017 into 2018? A good place to start is to make it obvious and apparent why they should stick around (and eventually purchase a full fledge membership)! Offer your users something of value; whether it is offering the new users you gained exclusive content, or getting them into a new lead campaign, make sure you cater to their interests and custom needs. (Psst! Now would be a good time to implement a workflow for all of your users to update their preferences!) Keep in mind, no matter how tempting it may be at the beginning of the new year to send a flurry of emails promoting your new offers, remember what your elders have always told you; “quality over quantity”.


#4: 2018; The year of implementing automation

If you have been taking advantage of email automation it may be time to review what you have created and improve it up for this year. Take inventory of what automated campaigns you ran in 2017, and analyze if they accomplished the goal or not. Refresh the content, design and offers and rethink the entire automation process for the New Year. Want 2018 to be the year your email breaks into the automation space? We can help!


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