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Katie Campbell

By: Katie Campbell on August 30th, 2017

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4 Simple Steps To Great Email Content!

Email Marketing | Marketing Automation

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It's hard to know for certain in today's email world what truly makes a great email. Here, I have broken it down into 4 easy, key points for you to think about before the next time you hit send.



Four keys to a great email:

  1. Compelling – Your email should drawl the reader in. What makes your email different and unique in the land that is their flooded inbox?
  1. Personal – *Cough Cough* Hello, welcome to the world of personalized email! This is something that isn’t brand new in the world of email marketing but it now, more than ever, is something that you should be using in your emails today. This ties back into the first point of a compelling email. If your member sees something that was programmed to be personalized towards them, there is a much higher chance of them opening the email than if it was just the mass email with the same generic copy. 
  1. Useful – Your email needs to be useful. Gone are the days of sending emails just to send them! There should be a strategy behind every time you hit send. There should always be a thought of where the member, or potential members journey is going to take them. If the member clicks on the email, what’s next? Perhaps a landing page? What happens if they don’t open the email? Will another email be sent out two days later with an enticing subject line to get their interest back? The options are limitless.
  1. Everywhere – Your email need to be accessible from everywhere. Gone are the days of only opening your email on a computer monitor.  Your members are opening their emails on their computers, smart phones, tablets, their car dashboard, etc.  Technology is taking over and it is vital that your email deliverability keeps up! 

On the other side, what makes an email fall short 

  1. There was incorrect expectation setting – Nothing is going to kill your opens more than if your members start to feel there is no reason to be opening the email! There are probably certain things that as a subscriber to your email, your members are expecting. Make sure your email doesn't fall short of those expectations, whether it be a routine newsletter, or updates on certain events that are going on in their area, or ways to get connected and communicate with other members of the association. 
  1. They didn’t get enough personalization – I’m hoping that in your everyday email sending, you have made it routine to put at least some sort of personalization in your email. Every email recipient spends an average of 8 seconds reading an email.  That’s a microscopic amount of time to gain and keep the attention of your reader. What better way to get their attention then to put something personalized in front of them? Using the name of your recipient could be a way to do this, but what if you did a deep dive into everything you knew about your member/potential member? 

Time is precious. So spend your time putting content in front of your member that they have openly communicated they have an interest in. Personalize to their location of upcoming events that are happening around them or maybe let them know how their doing this year in respect to their credit certification… how many more do they have to go? What can they do to earn more?

Gaining the attention of your reader by using what they have already provided to you is an easy way to start.  Make sure your readers are spending more than 8 seconds on your email and you will be creating members who are lifelong, dedicated, readers, of the content you are producing!

Want to learn more about how your association can best utilize everything I've mentioned in this post? I'd love to chat! Schedule a call today and we can find out how Email Marketing can grow your association.  

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