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Blog Feature

By: Nicole Crilley
February 3rd, 2022

Whether you’re setting annual performance goals, making changes to association programming, or moving into a new membership service, no decision should be made without first examining the previous years’ data.

Oftentimes, associations will entrap themselves in the mindset of establishing long-term marketing or membership-service objectives with just a “gut feeling.”

Lucky for you, your association may have been collecting useful information through their association management system (AMS), customer relationship management (CRM) software, or data management tools without even realizing it.

Blog Feature

By: Arielle Irizarry
February 6th, 2018

Every year associations set out to achieve a specified goal: digital transformation, growth, increased membership or personalization to name a few. But how do you achieve these goals successfully? There are countless factors that can contribute to a successful year, but at its core, I believe understanding your team, leading by example, creating a more granular outline and adopting agile marketing are the cornerstones to achieving goals in the arena of digital marketing. In other words to reach the goals you need to adopt effective project management skills!