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Blog Feature

By: Morgan Mulgrew
June 13th, 2024

If you haven’t already, we recommend that you read the previous Meet the AI Family: the Communicators & and the Translators and Meet the AI family: The Generators & Revivers  for reference before diving into this blog.
We all know the family members that have an opinion about everything. They're constantly researching historical events. They're always up on the latest trends. They're consistently pontificating on their findings and sharing their visions of the future. Whether it's your boisterous uncle or your precocious niece, these family members know it all and they're not afraid to share. 
Cue our AI Informers and Fortune Tellers. They live in information and predictability.  Let's dive into their world.

Blog Feature

By: Aimee Pagano
March 18th, 2024

Hungry Hungry Hippo was a cool game. The strategy was pretty basic. You had four different hippos all chomping down on plastic marbles. Each player had a hippo. The goal was to hit the hungry hippo at just the right time to gobble up the marbles. But, as kids, that translated to hitting the hippo lever obsessively to get as much circular yumminess as possible. Those with the fullest hippos at the end of the clock, won the round. And so on and so forth. 
GenAI is a little similar. Yes, per usual, I’m oversimplifying. I’m comparing one of the most powerful and evolving technological advances in history, to a $15 Milton Bradley game from the late 70s. Yes, this is indeed happening.
But roll with me here. 

Blog Feature

By: Aimee Pagano
February 21st, 2024

Data integrations are our specialty. And while we’d love to say that they’re 100% accurate all of the time, in the end, technology is technology. It’s only as good as the people behind it. When errors come up, most of the time, it isn’t about the technology that is ‘integration’. 
No, that technology will continue running the same way it was designed to run. It will remain that gate that opens once signaled, allowing data to flow from one system (AMS, EMS and future association systems) to another system (HubSpot). Then the field, field attributes, values, and lists that flow through are based on the business rules and requirements dictated by its owners—the associations and nonprofits that we serve.
When an integration isn’t working, about 99% of the time, it’s:
  • The accuracy (or lack thereof) of their data
  • The way the data is configured within the AMS
  • The way tech assets are delivered
  • Staff’s lack of understanding around their data or how to activate on it

Blog Feature

By: Aimee Pagano
February 14th, 2024

Data is abstract. Complex. Multi dimensional. It has wide-spread application and needs a lot of grooming for performance. It’s no wonder there’s often confusion and malaise around it. 
From an organizational perspective, however, all staff should have an optimal level of data literacy in order to put their data to action. Literacy doesn’t just apply to Data Analysts or Data Operations Managers. No, every individual within an organization should have a base level understanding of what data is available, how it’s organized, how it works, and how to upkeep it according to governed standards.

Blog Feature

By: Aimee Pagano
February 7th, 2024

There are a lot of terms thrown around when it comes to identifying the right data to sync from one system to another. Requirements gathering, requirements capturing, requirements elicitation. They’re all different ways of saying that the same thing—"let's identify the data that's going to move our association in the right direction."
In the end, it’s about digging deep on what your organization needs to grow, sustain, or change and following that trail to the end of the data line. Come to think of it, identifying the right data to bring from one system to another isn't unlike making chicken soup. Yes, you heard that right. Let's dig into that.

Blog Feature

By: Aimee Pagano
January 18th, 2024

We, at HighRoad, are proud of our Spark integration software. After years of practice across multiple Association Management Systems, digital marketing platforms, and associations/nonprofits, we're confident that our software is making an imprint on the association industry.

Spark is the most effective way for association professionals and marketers to democratize their data and get the most out of their tech stack. And when combined with HubSpot, it's the best way for organizations to reach their goals, strategically and operationally.

But, even as a standout integration, the waters can get muddy with all of the other options out there, so let's unpack what integrations do what, what type of integrations fall short, and specifically, what makes Spark stand out from its counterparts when it comes to marketing and segmentation.