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Arielle Irizarry

By: Arielle Irizarry on April 17th, 2017

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The Bare Bones of Blogging

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If you are serious about growing your brand it is integral you get serious about blogging. I realize the thought of creating a blog can be intimidating. Where should I start?  Who will write it? How often should I be blogging? Don’t worry I am here to answer all your questions on the basics of blogging, so you can cast your fears aside and transform your business!


First things first, what is a blog?
Easy, a blog is a regularly updated web page that is written in a conversational style. A blog should informally showcase your company’s personality. Meaning, your blog content will likely differ from the rigid content found on your company web page.    

Why bother blogging?
Blogging attracts nonmembers! The number one reason for blogging is to attract visitors you WANT to your page so they can be converted into new leads.

Will I need to hire a blogger?
While some companies do employ content writers, they are not the only employees capable of writing your blog. If hiring a blogger isn’t in the budget there are plenty of other options! Opt to have team members share their expertise with your readers. This is a terrific way to spotlight your team while simultaneously pumping out content.

What should my blog consist of?
A blog should be a consistent and playful piece that embodies your brand in a fun way. However, this content should not completely stray away from your brand. Your blog should be short, sweet and to the point consisting of roughly 200 – 500 words. You should always add in an image that correlates with your topic as this will engage more users. The content should align with your company's personas and aim to attract these individuals. This will ensure you are targeting and converting the right people.

What are blogging best practices?
SEO needs to be kept at the forefront of your blogging campaign. Your blog should follow your overall keyword strategy so it spreads like wildfire in the digital arena. Remember users will not be searching for your company blog on the web rather they will be searching keywords.

How often should I blog?
The cadence of your blog should be consistent and frequent but not overwhelming. A general rule of thumb is to blog one to three times a week, anything less and people tend to forget about you.

Now that you understand the basics of blogging it is time to dive in and start composing your own blog strategy. Get an in-depth look at blogging with HighRoads very own Subject Matter Expert, Maneesha Manges in her three-part webinar series Blogging for Your Brand.


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