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Jenny Lassi

By: Jenny Lassi on March 23rd, 2017

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Spring into Engagement Campaigns

Analytics & Measurement

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It's that time of year again where association marketers have an opportunity to re-engage with their non-engaged constituents. 

Q2 is time to freshen things up, clean house and prepare for the holidays... (what what?)

Let me explain. I'm not the "have the cheer all year" type of marketer that plans everything around the holidays, BUT I do know there are seasonal fluctuations in deliverability and that Q4 inbox rates do suffer due to ISPs making their inbox algorithms more restrictive starting in Q3 for the back-to-school email volumes into the holidays and those are impacted by sending practices and engagement from Q2.

That said, the dead weight (non-engaged) on your email lists can/will impact you and spring is the best time to get in front of constituents before Q3 when it's common that engagement drops a bit due to summer vacations and travel. Waiting until Q3 is not advised because reaching out to non-engaged in bulk will contribute to lower deliverability at a time when eyes are on deliverability to determine your Q4 inbox worthiness. 


How can you do this?

Very simple. You reach out with a Re-Engage Campaign. This is a very simple message that asks the constituent "Are you still there" or something along those lines and contain links to click for yes or no. You can reach out with 2-3 touchpoints suppressing those that did open the preceding email(s). 

What can you expect?

Here are average metrics other associations achieved:

25% Responded Yes
1% Responded No
74% Never Responded 

Depending on your list size, 25% conversion from non-engaged to engaged is a big jump. You will thank yourself in Q4!