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Arielle Irizarry

By: Arielle Irizarry on January 19th, 2018

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More emails, please: A Guide to Winning Back Subscribers

Email Marketing | unsubscribes | email preference center

Email marketing is driven by numbers. Every time an email is launched, email marketers meticulously analyze who opened it, who clicked what, and who unsubscribed. Unsubscribes (although inevitable) are an email marketers worst nightmare. So what do you do when subscribers choose to opt out of email with your company? You get out there and get them back. Check out these simple steps to getting users to opt back in and start saying yes to more emails.


Plan your win back campaign
Don't give up on those that have globally unsubscribed. Instead, target them from another angle. If they have said no to email, put your efforts into another channel such as snail mail. You would be surprised what a postcard can do to put you back on the map. Your efforts should seek to drive individuals back to your website, where they will have the opportunity to opt back into email. 

Make it personal
Implement a preference center rather than a straight unsubscribe process. This a la carte experience will help with user retention, by providing users the content they want and eliminating what they don't. Someone might be interested in your monthly newsletter but not in event updates. Providing individuals alternatives could be the key to keep them coming back for more.

Exercise your communication skills
Make sure your sign-up, registration forms or preference centers have correct ‘consent’ wording. Avoid terms like “re-permissioning” that create a blurred line in regard to consent. You want users to know they are providing their consent to opt back into email with you and your company.

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