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Kathryn Fisher

By: Kathryn Fisher on September 28th, 2016

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Email Marketing VS. Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

HighRoad completed their Marketing Automation Workshop and the buzz in the room seemed to be people noticing how different an email marketing platform and a marketing automation platform really are…

Marketing automation simply put by Maneesha Manages, is a way to combine a variety of tools and then tie them together by a campaign to allow for ROI reporting. Not long after making this statement, Maneesha showed a chart which really seemed to be the “ah ha!” moment for those around me:


Bottom line: A marketing automation platform focuses around knowing your target market better: can your platform track a contact from their first interaction with you all the way to the point of conversion and also provide you with ROI reporting?

                **If not or you are unsure, I know a unicorn I could hook you up with…