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Jeanette Hausner

By: Jeanette Hausner on May 18th, 2016

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Adestra's 2016 consumer digital usage survey

Email Marketing | Mobile Marketing | Content, Social & Digital Marketing


When it comes to email, we are constantly trying to figure out the best ways to reach our targeted audience.  In order to do this we need to know how consumers interact with our email.  What devices are they using to view them?  Are there behavioral differences based upon age, gender, or income?  Adestra recently released their 2016 Consumer Adoption & Usage Study.  It is a comprehensive survey of 1,200 consumers, from teens to Boomers, across the United States.  The survey provides insight into their digital usage across all channels.  Additionally, within each finding of the survey is a helpful summary and key takeaways for marketers. This study is a great resource for anyone who would like to have a better grasp on the current state of email today.

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