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Katie Campbell

By: Katie Campbell on November 28th, 2017

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4 Google SEO Algorithm Updates in 500 Words or Less

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SEO is one of those words that you frequently hear in todays digital age. If you are already confused by the first line of this post, SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization, figure out what all that means here, then read this post!

If you’ve made to this point, you probably feel like you know SEO - you’ve worked with it, started to get a sense of what’s going on. Well, Google is constantly trying to up its game (which is to be expected, it is Google) and as fast as our iPhones stopped working when the iPhone X came out, Google has released updates to the algorithm.



Have no fear, whether you find yourself an expert or just a beginner trying to make your way through the wild west of SEO. You'll need to know these 4 important Google updates before you attempt to up your SEO, in 500 words or less.


Panda: Google is starting to penalize websites that have a poor user experience – This is bad news for all the spam sites out there, but great news for the sites that may have been getting overshadowed. This update is out to overhaul the world-wide web and make it so the sites that didn’t count in your High school works cited, because they provided no relevant, accurate, or detailed information, are getting pushed all the way to the 27th “O” of your Google search.

Want to see an extended list of everything pushing you a few O’s back? Check out this article from Moz.


Penguin: Removing over optimized websites – This is Googles way of making sure that you are not trying to outsmart Google and put you’re a link to your site on the web hundreds and thousands of times to improve your SEO. Basically, if you have created 100 different blog sites that you never give any love to beside the one time you put your URL on it, all pointing back to your main site, that’s bad, don’t do that. Google is lowering your SEO as we speak.


Hummingbird: Google is starting to understand context and synonyms of humans – how humans form sentences vs. how the computer interprets the sentence. This new Google algorithm implementation is something that overall is going to help those wanting stronger SEO. Now instead, when your members are searching for your associations “Upcoming [networking] event closest to me” Google is working on making it so every word in your search query is getting recognized and interpreted instead of before when Google picked the “most important” words from your search like networking, or your associations name.


Mobile first Index: The presence of a mobile friendly site also contributes to rank determination – Looks like Google ran out of animals to name this final update. Welcome to 2017 (almost 2018), a time where the relevance of a mobile friendly site is not only strongly suggested, it’s becoming required to even be relevant when being searched for, and teh score of your SEO. Which in today’s day in age, 56% of online traffic is coming from a mobile device (via marketingland.com) Google is beginning the implementation that if you don’t have a strong mobile SEO site presence, you’re not going to have a strong SEO score.


Need more than 500 words to figure out if you need to up your SEO compatibility or not? Want to make sure you’re not Penguin-ing all over the place? Just wondering where to even start? Let’s chat!