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Budgeting for New Technology - adding Marketing Automation to your stack

Nov 30, 2022 #emailmarketing

We’ve shared how to build the case to your Board for changes or additions to your technology stack. Now it’s time to talk budget. How do you justify the spend for something that will demonstrate results and ROI, but needs time to build momentum. How do you offset the costs of your investment?


Closing the loop with attribution reporting

Oct 26, 2022 #strategy

It doesn’t have to be complicated if you have the right data flowing between systems and the right tool to pull all the data points together. Join us and we’ll show you what you need to build attribution reports that illustrate your campaign results, and paint a picture of success.


Understanding your data map

Sep 28, 2022 #strategy

Sometimes you need a guide or map so you can plan out what you need to get done. While a lot of data is supposedly at your fingertips according to your IT colleagues, do you know where the data resides? Can you find it in your AMS, CRM or digital marketing platform? We’ll show you how to decipher your data map and plan out a road trip that gets you to your destination.


VirCon 2022 On Demand Sessions

Sep 21, 2022 #vircon

Associations and nonprofits are at a pivotal point where the needs, interests, and behaviors of younger generations entering the workforce are influencing marketing, programming, and membership modeling for decades to come. Organizations need to be self-aware, visionary, and malleable to manage the kind of change that is approaching.


Nature vs Nurture - how to nurture leads to convert

Aug 24, 2022 #strategy

Do all buyer journeys organically convert, or do they need a little “push” to move along the funnel? The “middle of the funnel” can be notoriously long and arduous for marketers as prospects take their time “considering” if they want to further engage and eventually convert. So how do you help those leads in the funnel move along and nurture to conversion? Learn how to pull leads deeper down into the funnel so they reach the “decision” stage a little quicker.


Adestra Power Series - Personalization made easy

Sep 14, 2022 #strategy

If you’ve got data on your members, you can personalize your email campaigns. Join us for a quick refresher on how to use Adestra’s personalization tokens or set up dynamic content to create meaningful, personalized email experiences.


Hunting for leads - using data and technology to surface potential members

Aug 31, 2022 #strategy

When you don’t catch any fish, someone is bound to tell you, “that’s why they call it fishing.” But you don’t have to leave it to chance and just hope that a potential member might randomly come by your lead magnet. There are tools and strategies you can put in place that surface patterns and indicate who might be a good fit for your organization to nurture. Join us as we wrap up summer and push those potential members into your fishing net!


Adestra Power Series - Setting up Reports

Aug 17, 2022 #strategy

Is someone asking you to run a report and then have it emailed to them every week? Anyone wondering how many emails went out the door in the past 6 months? Pulling this data is easy in Adestra.


Personas vs Segmentation

Jun 22, 2022 #strategy

As online consumers become accustomed to personalized experiences that meet their individual needs, associations have an opportunity to leverage their data to provide a better member experience. How can association marketers approach their audiences to find a balance between meeting member needs while maintaining sufficient volume to drive revenue goals? Join us as we discuss the value of segmentation and personas, how to personalize the digital experience using these two approaches, and how to determine which strategy is best for your organization.


HubSpot for Associations

Jun 16, 2022 #strategy

HubSpot is perfect for any association looking to grow their membership and increase diversified revenue streams while applying smart digital marketing tactics. Join us as we share how associations can use the HubSpot platform to build both member engagement and growth.


Show me the Conversions - the ROI of Email Marketing

May 25, 2022 #emailmarketing

It’s been 8 months since Apple released their iOS 15 update and effectively changed the way that vanity email metrics are reported. By pushing for deeper-level metrics in the form of click-throughs and conversions, consent-based marketing is influencing how email marketers craft campaigns and promote programming. How have organizations dealt with this change and what have they experienced in terms of impact? Hear how value of email marketing should now be measured.


HubSpot for Associations

Apr 20, 2022 #strategy

You’ve heard the name. You know what marketing automation is all about. But it sounds complicated and more importantly, it sounds like a lot to take on right now. And, it’s a platform that sounds great for businesses like retailers, but your association doesn’t have traditional sales staff. So it’s probably not a great fit. Think again! HubSpot is a great platform for any association looking to grow their membership and increase diversified revenue streams while applying smart digital marketing tactics. Join us as we share how associations can use the HubSpot platform to build both member engagement and growth.

Marketing Automation

Give a Marketing Team of 3 the power of 15

Nov 10, 2021 #digital-transformation

“If only we had another FTE” – we’ve all been there – lean marketing teams have to figure out how to deliver on goals with less resources and dedicated time.

There is a way to use your martech stack so that you can focus on the value added activities instead of the time-intensive ones. The whole point of marketing automation software is to free up time so digital marketers can focus on goal setting and measurement.

Join us and we’ll show you a new way to approach, manage and automate your marketing funnel.

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Adestra Power Series - Re-engagement Campaigns in Adestra

April 13, 2022 #design

Are you looking at your email metrics and noticing a whole bunch of members who aren't opening your email campaigns? Maybe it’s time to run a re-engagement campaign. Wondering how to work those filters and put the automation program together? Join us for this quick session and we’ll show you how it’s done!


It’s all about the member - how to deliver member-centric programming

Mar 23, 2022 #data-management

Your member is the heart of your organization, so when your executives say you need to be member-focused, you’re on it. But how to do you build member-centric programming? How do you use technology and create meaningful digital experiences that promote your programs and show your members that it’s all about them? Join us as we share a framework that can help you showcase your programming in a way that makes your members feel like they come first.


Content is King - is your content strategy creating loyal subjects

Feb 23, 2022 #contentstrategy

Bill Gates may have coined the original “Content is King” phrase 20 years ago, but it still remains strong and true to form today. In a member-centric world, your “content” is what brings members to your digital doorstep, but how certain are you that they’ll return for more? Do you have a content plan in place that maps content relative to your member lifecycle? Are you noticing a lot of impressions or downloads with few return views, visits or conversions? Join us as we talk about content strategy and how to map your content so that your members turn into true ambassadors.


Reading between the lines - what your year-end data is telling you

Jan 26, 2022 #data

It’s a new year! Creating your new marketing plan can seem daunting, which is why it’s natural for us to reflect on the year that just wrapped up. How did we do? More importantly, are there any lessons learned that we need to apply going forward? The combined effort of extracting benchmarking data AND interpreting it is where you’ll find those helpful markers as you set out to roadmap your approach to the year. Join us as we demonstrate how to extract the right data sets, compare them to industry benchmarks and understand what your data is actually saying.

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End of year recap – What’s Hot and What’s Not in Email Design

Dec 1, 2021 #design

We made it! Lets celebrate with a cup of cheer and a comfy blanket and talk about how it all went down this year.

It’s the perfect time to talk about what worked well, what was “meh” and where email design is heading in 2022.

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Fall VirCon 2021 On Demand Sessions

Oct 27, 2021 #vircon

Associations have had to adapt and innovate in the face of the pandemic over the last 18+ months. Adapting to that much change over a short period of time can be scary, but the scarier outcome would be associations falling back into complacency.

Welcome to our conference’s theme, Association Complacency: Welcome to the KINGdom of horror. This Fall VirCon, we’ve aptly themed all of our sessions on Stephen King's books and movies. We’ve woven in educational content specific to associations that will help you: build the business case for new technology, show early results with new tools, how to build out your fan base with lead scoring, the framework to build out your funnel metrics, how to bring the right content to market, and more.

Watch our sessions on demand as we dive into the many different ways associations can dodge complacency into their own paths to transformation.


iOS 15 and Beyond

Sep 29, 2021 #emailmarketing

Apple's iOS 15 update release is here and it's definitely having an impact on how you measure and interpret your email marketing analytics. But should you panic or just take it in stride? Well, it depends on how you feel about consent-based marketing and communications, and how comfortable you are focusing beyond surface level metrics like open rates. Are you sort of in denial and hoping that it will all work out somehow? Sometimes it helps to talk through the impact of change and understand the root cause. There's a reason digital marketers are being bombarded with the retirement of 3rd party cookies, GDRP and CCPA, and now Apple's Mail Privacy Protection - so why now? What's the actual impact from a technical perspective? What exactly is it that the iOS 15 update will do that directly impacts analytics? Join our Director of Technology, Adam Higgins, and Email Marketing Specialist, Nicole Crilley as they discuss what's really happening and the future of consent-based communications.

Budgeting for martech

A Fist Full of Dollars – Budgeting for new marketing technology

Sep 22, 2021 #digital-transformation

Getting approval for an existing line item on the budget is a different effort compared to lobbying for funds for brand new technology.

It takes some concise story telling to make the case to your executives or board without having them re-examine everything you’ve done to date. We’ll show you how to build a business case to justify your selected solution, how you’ll manage change and set expectations on ROI.

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Hyper-Personalized Emails

Emails that don’t creep but get you…like really really get you

Jul 14, 2021 #personalization

You’ve heard it many times – members and prospective members are more likely to engage with your content and programming if you demonstrate that you know and understand their needs. It’s the underlying principle of Inbound Marketing, and why programming like Netflix is so popular across the generation spectrum.

So how do you personalize a digital experience across multiple channels that doesn’t come off as creepy or stalkerish? Of course, it starts with data, but association marketers need to be selective with the data they choose and map it to programming and content – better yet, they need a continuous feedback loop to keep the content personalized and relevant based on what their audiences consume.

There’s technology that can create intelligent contextual emails – join us and learn how you can create a hyper-personalized email experience without needing a staff of 10 to pull it off.

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AB Testing Strategy

Method to the madness – the strategy behind A/B Testing

Aug 18, 2021 #strategy

A/B Testing – do you really use it? Who’s got time to come up with alternate versions to test when you’re under pressure to just get the email out the door?

Believe it or not, there’s a whole strategy behind A/B testing that is easy to implement AND it helps you elevate your campaign performance!

Not sure where to start? Join us and we’ll walk you through a simple framework to use to test the right subject lines, email copy, and imagery that will help drive conversions and elevate your overall email game.

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Are you a Martech unicorn?

Are you a martech maven or newbie?

Feb 24, 2021 #strategy

Marketing technology is constantly evolving. There’s a whole world of in-between “stuff” that isn’t 100% technical or marketing-related, yet if you live in the world of digital marketing, you’re expected to know it.

Join us as we run a fun Hollywood Squares game show session with our martech experts, who will not only share what terms like AMP, BIMI, UTM, JSON, SOAQL, and DKIM mean, but also share how they work and more importantly why association marketers need them.

You’ll leave the session needing a badge identifying you as the ever-elusive “unicorn” of marketing technology!

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Evaluating APIs

The good, the bad, the ugly - everything you need to know about API’s

Jun 16, 2021 #data-management

While an API simplifies programming, it's a complicated software component that can connect multiple systems together. It's complexity is rooted in defining the kinds of calls made, how they should be requested, data formats to use, as well as programming convention to follow.

Since so much of the API itself is defined and self contained, how do you actually evaluate its quality or level of sophistication and determine if it's the right fit for your technical plan?

Join us as we discuss qualities and features to look for and programming "gotchas" to consider so you don’t end up with a lemon.

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Email Automation Programs

5 email automation programs you should be running today

May 19, 2021 #strategy

With the right tools in place, there’s no reason why your association shouldn’t be enjoying the operational efficiencies afforded by email automation.

Are the only programs you’re running around engaging new members and membership renewals?

If yes, join us as we share 5 more effective programs you can easily put in place to focus on member engagement, revenue growth and lead gen.

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Lead Gen vs Demand Gen

Lead vs Demand Generation

May 12, 2021 #leadgen

There’s a tendency to use these two terms interchangeably, yet they are unique tactics that stand on their own when it comes to the buyer journey.

Join us as we break down the differences between both processes, and the strategy and technology that fuels both efforts and learn how to identify what association marketers need to focus on.


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Spring VirCon 2021

Apr 14, 2021 #vircon

HighRoad’s Virtual Conference was a half-day remote event designed to help association marketers tap into data for short- and long-term success. With a rapidly changing landscape bearing down on all of us, marketers and association professionals are expected to right-side marketing and program efforts to meet market changes and demands. If you didn’t have a chance to attend VirCon 2021 “live” or simply want to review the topics again, browse through the recorded sessions and get the tools you need to grow your digital footprint and meet your organizational objectives.

Understanding virtual event data

Reading tea leaves – understand what your virtual event data is telling you

Mar 31, 2021 #data-management

So you’ve likely got a year’s worth of designing, planning, hosting and producing virtual events under your belt. Have you fielded questions about ROI yet?

Wondering where to even start, especially with all the data that you likely have access to? You’re not alone – one of the tangible benefits of virtual events is the sheer amount of data available to you.

So how do you sift through all this data to identify the ROI of your virtual events and determine if it should be the new model for your association going forward?

Join us as we explore how to tackle the analysis and interpretation of large data sets and how to cross connect data sets that your digital marketing platform can run with.

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Webinar: Data Cleansing

Spark some joy in the new year – clean up your data

Jan 27, 2021 #data-management

While it might feel good to do some data clean up Marie Kondo-style at the start of 2021, your Marketing and IT teams may not appreciate that approach.

Take a minute to think about your engagement metrics. Is it possible they might be flagging because you’ve got some dirty data in the mix affecting your reporting? Data cleansing doesn’t have to be a heavy lift – with a little planning and regular attention, you’ll be able to spark joy when it comes to data hygiene.

Join us as we share how to leverage technology to implement data cleansing protocols that will support your engagement reporting efforts for the rest of the year.

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Fall VirCon 2020

Sep 16, 2020 #vircon

HighRoad’s Virtual Conference was a one-day remote event designed to help association marketers tap into data for short- and long-term success. With a rapidly changing landscape bearing down on all of us, marketers and association professionals are expected to right-side marketing and program efforts to meet market changes and demands. If you didn’t have a chance to attend VirCon 2020 “live” or simply want to review the topics again, browse through the recorded sessions and get the tools you need to grow your digital footprint and meet your organizational objectives.