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Suzanne Carawan

By: Suzanne Carawan on December 5th, 2017

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Top 40 Association CEOs of 2017

2017 Trends

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We're one day closer to 2018 and as a way to wrap up the year, we're proud to sponsor the Top 40 Association CEOs of 2017 event which happens tonight in Crystal City. You can see the full list of association CEO winners.

Winning recognition as an association CEO is no easy feat in today's changing political and economic landscape. One of the areas that we see our clients' most struggle is in digital transformation and trying to figure out how to effectively compete in markets where for-profit companies are edging in for their share of wallet traditionally taken up by the association.

In 2017, we've seen multiple associations ask us for help in putting together a growth strategy based largely in digital to combat for-profit corporations. Associations have long understood the power and value of their brand, but have not had strong lead generation capabilities. The for-profit companies, on the other hand, typically are building a brand and are close to unknown, but have strong lead generation capabilities and agile market response times that allow for rapid growth.

We've witnessed a massive amount of turnover in the association CEO spot this year with increasing pressure being put on CEOs to lead their organization into an era of growth. What we've consistently seen with this move is that associations have turned inwards in order to create new strategies and critically analyze their personnel, or looked to an agency to amplify and expedite their digital transformation in terms of staff and capabilities. Both strategies work, but the turning inwards and going the do-it-yourself route is the longer journey to results. The clients that have chosen to partner with HighRoad for growth strategies have gotten to new insights and new revenue faster.

The CEO sets the agenda and is responsible for being the overall integrator of the staff to keep everyone aligned to goals. The Top 40 that will be recognized tonight deserve the utmost respect and appreciation in leading associations that, on the whole, are more than 75 years old through today's era which is in massive transition. Congratulations to all of the association CEOs and keep doing good work!