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Suzanne Carawan

By: Suzanne Carawan on November 8th, 2017

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HighRoad Solution Proudly Sponsors SURGE 2017

Association Industry Commentary | Change Management



Today marks the second day of Association Success.org's SURGE 2017. The virtual conference is in its inaugural year and aims to put thought leaders together to discuss the disruption that is occurring in the association industry. We are proud to support the conference as a founding sponsor because we see how the association industry is changing on a daily basis.

The top areas for disruption in associations (from our perspective) fall into the following areas:

1) Executive Leadership: the need to find digitally-savvy executives that have track records in revenue growth

2) The Right Personnel: ensuring that the organization has staff with digital skill sets and the right tools to do value-added work in an efficient and effective manner

3) Digital Tools: the right software and training to optimize the organization's communications

4) Expanded Budgets: moving from an era of maintenance to one of growth requires revised and expanded budgets

5) Membership Insights: to grow, organizations need to get very focused on understanding their current and potential target markets

The speakers in the SURGE conference hit on many of these themes and we're proud to be part of an organization that is raising awareness that there are endemic issues within the association industry that hamstring growth.

Let's continue the conversation and keep initiatives like SURGE moving forward so that we can help move the market. To join in, please register for SURGE which is a totally free conference and still accepting registrations.