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Josh Paul

By: Josh Paul on September 28th, 2018

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HighRoad Solution Celebrates Five Years as an Endorsed Partner to ASAE

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Building Strong Relationships between Marketing & Technology is Key to Success

HighRoad Solution, the only digital agency exclusively focused on providing marketing technology services to associations announced the start of their fifth year of being the only company that is both endorsed by ASAE Business Services and used by the American Society of Association Executives(ASAE). The announcement was made at ASAE’s 2016 Annual Conference that started today in Salt Lake City.

“Our partnership continues to get better year over year,” stated David Caruso, President and Co-Founder of HighRoad Solution. “When we won the endorsement four years ago, the association industry was still completely focused on how to do a better job manually sending out email. As associations have evolved, they’ve moved to wanting strategic services and demanding the same platforms that their for-profit counterparts use. As we’ve evolved, so has our partnership with ASAE-- we’ve been able to continue to serve the association community together with best practices-based solutions.”

Over the course of the endorsement, HighRoad and ASAE have sent out millions of emails together and designed new solutions that can solve common challenges faced by today’s associations. At the start of the partnership, ASAE faced the common challenge of trying to get the right content to the right person at the right time without over-emailing members.

“We took ASAE’s challenge and changed our approach entirely to the design problem,” explained Ronald McGrath, CEO and Co-Founder of HighRoad Solution. “Instead of focusing on making it easier for a staff member to create and send email, we asked the question ‘why are staff even involved in email marketing in this day and age?’. We leveraged technology to do what no human can do—iterate through thousands of variations of member profile preferences, topics of choice, time zones, purchase and engagement data. We designed an email that first matches all of the content to the user’s membership data and then sends out a 100% customized email for each individual delivering a two-fold benefit-- total relevancy and massive time reduction on the staff.”

The result of the partnership was the creation of ASAE’s award-winning Associations Now +Plus newsletter which was the first of its kind to run completely automated without any need for the staff to take on the low-value, time-intensive tasks of manually creating email. With subscriptions up 800% since launch in 2013 and more than 20 hours of staff time saved per week, the newsletter has been a massive success.

“The reason our partnership is so effective and we’ve had such great success is that we approach common association challenges from a marketing technology viewpoint,” said McGrath. “ASAE understands that in order to effectively communicate in today’s world, you need strategy first and then utilize technology for execution.”

The work undertaken in the partnership served as the origin for HighRoad's development of Intelligent Contextual Email, or better known as ICE, which is available to associations as an ASAE Endorsed Business Solution. Associations can watch ASAE's video case study as to how ICE brought them impactful results and visit HighRoad Solution in the Endorsed Partner Pavilion at the 2016 ASAE Annual Conference.

About HighRoad Solution
HighRoad Solution is the only digital marketing agency endorsed & used by ASAE. We implement and integrate leading marketing technology platforms, as well as develop our own software solutions that fit the unique needs of associations. Clients choose the HighRoad for our expert consulting services and client-partnership approach.