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Jeanette Hausner

By: Jeanette Hausner on January 3rd, 2017

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Cycles Of Engagement:  Digital Marketing & Loyalty

Brand Marketing | Content, Social & Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing isn't necessarily a linear path.  It involves guiding the consumer in a consumer-driven market.  Fostering loyalty in digital marketing includes creating relationships with your audience via value-added content and interaction.  Here are some suggestions for creating stronger cycles of engagement:

1. Awareness and Attractiveness

In order to gain loyalty from customers, they first need to be aware that your products and services exist.  Digital marketing through social media and other channels can help with creating a meaningful online presence.

2. Don't Undervalue Customer Service

Thoughtfulness and timely responses make a big different when it comes to generating brand loyalty.  Now, with social media and highly interactive website features, brands can become multidimensional and engage with consumers.  Whether it's a quick response to a complaint or validating a customer's praise, connecting with customers shows that a business cares.

3. Attachment vs. Loyalty

Online viewers may become attached to a brand, blog, social media feed or website - but they might not be loyal.  Therefore, it's important to discern whether the attention your brand garners is due to interest, routine, or a sense of loyalty.

4. Service-Based Benefits

Online products or brands often come with service-based benefits.  For example, people may subscribe to an online service or enjoy "Freemium" (free services with extras available for purchase).  Online brands typically solve a problem or make life easier for people. Even non-profits can find ways to provide online benefits or recognition to donors and volunteers.  

These online customer experiences can generate stronger relationships with target audiences.  As patterns of engagement develop, it becomes easier to identify areas of growth.  To learn more about how digital marketing can have a transformative effect for your business or non-profit, contact us.