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Suzanne Carawan

By: Suzanne Carawan on December 12th, 2017

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ASAE #Tech17 is Here

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HighRoad Supports the ASAE Community Year After Year

We're here at the Gaylord National Harbor for another year to celebrate association technology. With so many changes in the market this year, we've changed up our participation as well. You might be wondering where our booth is located and you might notice how many booths will no longer be around next year. Such is the face of the changing association technology vendor community!

The landscape has radically shifted this year through so many mergers and acquisitions and reflects the changing needs of associations. Likewise, there are many new companies that are exhibiting this year that haven't previously been present. The trends and topics are also different with the top three topics noticeably focused on:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Ecommerce/Transactional Payment Processing
  • Future Planning of Integrated Ecosystems Focused on User Analytics

We also shifted our presence this year and instead of having a booth that limits our interaction with so many of our valued partners and clients, we are instead choosing to support a number of receptions so that we can have one-to-one communications and more fully embracing the ideas of hyper-personalization that we practice in digital (but pushing ourselves to also practice in the physical realm--interesting idea, right?). To help us have more time together, we have two receptions that are of particular importance to us:

1) Supporting the Association Women Technology Champions (AWTC): We're thrilled to have found this group who are opening up a fear-free and inclusive dialogue of anything technology-related to strengthen both the sides of the association marketplace so that better relationships (and projects) may ensue. Check it out and apply for the Facebook group to join.

2) Supporting New Thinking About Ecommerce: We're partnering up with US Transcorp to help facilitate the conversation of re-thinking our traditional ways that we've always conducted ecommerce. Of all of the areas in digital, ecommerce has to be one of the least areas of investment for the majority of associations. So much money is spent on websites (CMS) and email, and so little really spent in optimizing the purchase decision, employing abandoned shopping cart techniques and critically assessing spend on transactional processing.

We are also thrilled that David Martin who joined HighRoad two months ago as our new COO will present on Wednesday morning on artificial intelligence to again, push our community to consider the impact that digital can have on the business relationships and transactions between associations and end users. We are happy to say that we have never missed an ASAE Tech Conference since the inception of the event and we look forward to seeing you to think together.