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Marketing Automation Services

Marketing Automation Success Program
Through this offering, we’ll help you build and launch your own lead gen campaign depending on your marketing goals. Several exercises will move you through the process, including personal identification/development, content strategy/generation, and journey building. The output of this effort will be an executed campaign along with a framework for future campaigns. 
Persona Workshop
Through this offering, we’ll focus solely on persona identification and development. We’ll walk through a focused effort to build out your persona matrix and will identify one persona to pursue based on your organizational priorities. 
User Journey & Sales Enablement Workshop
Through this offering, we’ll focus solely on building your buyer’s journey. We’ll help you bring all of your assets (content, emails, landing pages, behavioral rules) together into a single workflow with identified Marketing-qualified Leads (MQLs) and Sales-qualified Leads (SQLs). 
Content Strategy Workshop
Through this offering, we’ll focus solely on your content strategy. We’ll walk through a focused effort to assess your top key words, identify content themes in line with your identified persona, and identify your content inventory and content generators. 
Marketing Automation Foundational Workshop
Through this offering, we’ll walk through the basics of marketing automation. We’ll highlight the delineation between marketing automation platforms and traditional email platforms and walk through the fundamentals of what a marketing automation platform can bring to associations. 
Website Analytics Assessment
Through this offering, we’ll run a complete web analysis of your identified web site. As part of the assessment, we’ll create benchmarks, highlight key learnings, and make programmatic, marketing, and content recommendations for your organization.
Website Journey Workshop
Through this offering, we’ll help you map out your user experience based on the four phases of the customer funnel: attract, engage, convert, and delight. The output of this workshop will be a visionary diagram that illustrates how users should flow through your website to reach your identified site objectives.

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