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Email Automation Services

Digital Marketing Success Program 
Through this offering, we’ll assess your current communications portfolio and identify trends, best practices, and recommendations to reduce communication clutter and increase overall engagement levels. 
Delivery and Deliverability Audit
Through this 3-week audit, we’ll assess your email data and metrics to determine ways to increase your delivery (getting to the inbox) and deliverability (getting to the right folder in the inbox) rates. Output of this audit will include a report with findings and recommendations for improvements. Note that while the audit report will be delivered in 3 weeks, execution of recommended activities will be based on the client’s schedule.
Automation Sequence Set-up (available for Adestra only) 
Through this service, we’ll set-up three common association automation sequences that you can template for other instances and campaigns. Whether you’re looking to set-up a member renewal series, member welcome series, or event series, we’ll design the sequence, including the workflow logic, filters, and list inputs. Note that content, messaging, and design rests with your organization unless specified otherwise. If you’re looking for additional creative work, see our Creative Services below.

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