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Getting Started: Watch our 2-minute welcome video and familiarize yourself with our onboarding process.

Onboarding = Strategy + Practical Training

The most successful onboarding programs are those that combine both strategy and tactical elements in their training programs. Our onboarding approach is to understand your goals and objectives and then formulate a prescriptive training program that focuses on both strategy as well as functionality. Here are two workbooks to download and fill out before we get started. 

Strategic Training

Onboarding begins with strategy. Since associations are tasked with keeping the members they have while acquiring new ones, marketers need the appropriate tools in place that allow them to create, develop, and manage campaigns easily. Your prescription for strategic HubSpot training begins with identifying your member Personas and ends with being able to measure campaign performance and effectiveness through Reporting.
Click on each element below to access assigned pre-readings, workbooks, and reference materials to get started.


Guided exercises where we’ll map personas to your data attributes to trigger automation and further personalize messaging.



A Framework to map your content to the buyers journey and  identify content to be created, repurposed or un-gated. 



Workbooks to support building user journeys and related assets for workflows to nurture leads.



Guided exercises to map objectives to quantifiable goals and metrics to measure performance and campaign success.

Product Training

Once you've got strategy under your belt, it's time to get hands on in the platform. We've curated a comprehensive list of reference materials from HubSpot to get you started. Our focus is to guide you to the content and materials you'll find most helpful in the first 90-days on the platform to get you going and using features that will help you demonstrate quick wins and show results.

Contact Management

Training for how to set contacts from marketing contacts to non-marketing contacts when you want to keep certain data, but not necessarily email and market to those contacts.

HubSpot Guided Training

List Building

Step-by-step guides for using your data attributes, deals, and activities to create segments and lists.

HubSpot Guided Training

Landing Pages & Forms

Understanding the interface for creating beautiful landing pages using a modular approach and how-to create forms in the tool.

HubSpot Guided Training

Visual Workflows

Overview of how to use the visual workflow tool in HubSpot and how to work with triggers, branching, and timing of your stages.

HubSpot Guided Training


Understanding the interface for creating beautiful emails and templates using the modular approach and how-to test and launch your emails.

HubSpot Guided Training

Lead Scoring

Setting up your lead scoring schema or schemas in the platform and then how to apply it to your account.

HubSpot Guided Training

Social Media

Tips and steps for connecting your social media accounts, publishing to them, and then monitoring activity all from HubSpot.

HubSpot Guided Training

Chat Functionality

How-to set up chat workflows and then how to manage the chat window from the HubSpot interface.

HubSpot Guided Training


Guides for building campaign reports and object reports to create the marketing attribution and sales reporting you might need.

HubSpot Guided Training

Ad Campaigns

How-to leverage your marketing assets and CRM data to build brand awareness and acquire quality leads for your business.

HubSpot Guided Training