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Solution Areas

You wouldn't be here if you didn't have a specific problem that you're trying to solve through digital (email, marketing, social & mobile) marketing. We've organized our solutions so that you can easily understand how our work solves some of the most common problem areas in association marketing. We've organized our solutions based on ten years of market feedback in how organizations seek solutions. If you don't find an answer to a common challenge, please let us know!

By Platform Type

Challenge: You Need Email Marketing and/or Inbound Marketing to Work With Your Current Association Management System (AMS).  Solution: HighRoad Has Developed the +Plus Software as a Subscription (SaaS) Line which Connects Email/Inbound to Your AMS, CMS, LMS or EMS. We have a +Plus product that can connect to:

AM.net by CDS


CDS is the software maker of Association Manager, or AM.net, for those in the know. A .NET-based management system, AM.net is the go-to membership management software for the large majority of certified public accountant (CPA) societies across the United States. AM.net offers modules as well as the flexibility to customize and extend the system. The system includes:

  • Detailed information on members, prospective members, and any other individuals important to your organization, as well as their firms
  • Annual dues, monthly dues, individual dues posting—a full dues billing and invoicing system
  • Registration and financial data for your organization’s continuing professional education programs
  • Self-study sales and marketing statistics
  • Product sales, invoicing, inventory, and sales statistics
  • Accounts Payable—enter vouchers, print checks, and fully manage your AP transactions
  • Committees—track members, manage the committee selection process, print historical reports, and more
  • An export utility that allows you to extract people, firms, and events based on almost any criteria for marketing, mailings, or anything else
  • Over 600 reports—quickly get the exact information you need
  • Volunteer tracking, client referral, contributions, promotion tracking, lobbying—including data integration with Aristotle©—and dozens of other features

How We Work with AM.net

What's great about AM.net is that it is so flexible. We work with the system by leveraging their APIs to make data calls so that we can automatically pull in member data and populate email segments, target lists and more so that your organization is out of the business of querying-exporting-uploading email addresses from the membership database to the email platform. We work with AM.net to go well beyond the basics of list management by creating Email Preference Centers to allow members to get more granular in their opt-out to email subscription processes and to collect additional user preference data that can be leveraged to provide the user of relevance delivered in a timeframe of their choosing. 

Our integrations to AM.net include more than email. We have integrated our VMX webinar platform with AM.net to allow attendee registrants to access the online webinar to take the class. Our integration automatically will write back to AM.net who attended the webinar and for how many minutes they were there (busted! no longer can members pop in and then go). Additionally, should the moderator ask questions or provide a poll during the virtual meeting, any responses can be automatically written back to AM.net. 

All of this is great news to you and your organization because we're in the world of modern eMessaging where having the right data is critical to providing hyper-personalized communications that can be easily created, deployed and measured.



Aptify is one of the leading association management software systems and powers organizations such as the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE), American Dental Association and the New Jersey Society of Certified Public Accountants. We've worked with Aptify for years and have done more Aptify integrations than anyone else in the market. We work closely with Aptify to take advantage of the power of their platform to create integrations that can truly align with Aptify's philosophy of engagement scoring.

What's great about Aptify is that they're not just a partner, they're a client. They use our Campaign eMail solution to power their customer and prospect communications and utilize the integration with Aptify to ensure that emails are hyper-personalized and users aren't over-emailed. 

How We Work with Aptify

We've built an Aptify integration product that connects our Campaign eMail product and the Aptify platform. We've then added in our Newsletter Xpress and Newsletter Xpress Plus solutions to the integration to provide fully automated newsletter solutions that allow content to be automatically populated in responsive email templates and delivered to individuals based on preferences the user has indicated in their profile. Such solutions now power ASAE's Associations Now Plus newsletter that consolidated over 10 newsletters into one automated mailing and saves dozens of staff hours per month.

We sponsor, attend and speak at all of Aptify's conferences and participate in their user groups so that we can best understand how we can align and extend their platform. We also work closely as partners to provide feedback and keep Aptify staff up-to-date on new innovations we've created that can help their clients operate more efficiently.

Who's Using the HighRoad-Aptify Integration

HighRoad has more Aptify integrations than anyone on the market. Clients include:



eShow is one of the leading evet management software platforms for organizations that run large-scale exhibitions and conferences. A typical event contains rich data points that can be instrumental in providing advanced segmentaton schemes. HighRoad integrates the BlueHornet and HubSpot platforms with eShow to expose event data for segmentation and profiling purposes and to ensure that opt-ins/outs for subscriptions are seamless between HighRoad, eShow and your communications platform.

Higher Logic Community Platform

Higher Logic

Higher Logic’s Community Platform is used by hundreds of organizations in the association market. The platform contains hundreds of data points in terms of profile information, preferences and topic choices that can be used in segmentation schemes for digital communications. HighRoad can tie into Higher Logic’s platform to retrieve this data and use it in conjunction with data in BlueHornet or HubSpot to create hyper-targeted communications. Higher Logic and HighRoad both integrate with your association management systems to provide you with a next generation ecosystem.

iMIS by Advanced Solutions International


Advanced Solutions International (ASI) is the maker of the iMIS engagement management software platform that has more than 50% market share in the association management software category. A recognized global, industry thought leader that focuses on helping associations and not-for-profits increase operational and financial performance through the use of best practices, proven solutions, and ongoing client advisement. Since 1991, ASI has served nearly 4,000 clients and millions of users worldwide, both directly and indirectly through a network of over 100 partners, and currently maintains corporate offices in the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia.

ASI is a values-driven company. Our core values are courage, respect, and excellence in everything we do. Our purpose is to help people achieve great things through innovative solutions and our mission is to keep our clients for life.

How We Work with ASI

We became authorized iMIS Consultants in 2013 and are working to expand our work in the iMIS community through our work with Authorized iMIS Solution Providers, clients and other consultants. We support ASI through participation in their partner program, training and conferences. Additionally, we are participating members and sponsor of the International iMIS Users Group (NiUG) which is the independent association for iMIS users.Some of our iMIS clients include the Ohio Hospital Association and the International Sign Association.



InReach is an online digital learning portal for modern associations. Offering services for webinar programs, livestreaming events and content marketing programs, InReach offers one software platform where all content can be stored, tracked & registered/purchased. HighRoad partners with InReach to power HighRoad U and to produce all of its HighRoad U webinar and hybrid-event seminar programs. InReach also has expertise in certification and continuing education programs with a variety of pricing models to fit the needs for modern learning in associations.

netFORUM by Abila

Abila's netFORUM (Previously Avectra)

We have completed over 50 integrations to Abila's netFORUM Enterprise & Pro platforms. Clients choose to come to HighRoad for their digital communication solutions because we are a certified Abila partner and understand X-Web and the netFORUMlkit inside and out. We've built our integration products to be able to read/write to any table in netFORUM and leverage the powerful Query Central module to allow staff members to build and deploy their own segments from netFORUM into the database to your BlueHornet or HubSpot platform. We've also designed dozens of data sync solutions to handle all the intricacies of membership, as well as provide fail safes so that data integrity is maintained regardless of the point of data entry. Our integrations have been recognized by Abila through our clients winning awards at their annual user group meeting.

How We Work with Abila

A long-time partner, we have attended almost every Abila User & Development Conference held. We also regularly support, attend and participate in the local AUG meetings. We regularly work with the Abila project management, consulting and development teams to implement and further develop our integration products. Additionally, we have relationships and regularly work with the many consultants and technology providers that support the netFORUM client community.

The AUDC 2014 conference was held in March of this year and we were proud to contribute as a platinum sponsor. Additionally, we held a pre-conference for our clients and spoke at two sessions--one on modern methods of marketing and another featuring the integration solution we architected for Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing.

View our AUDC 2014 presentations:

We also had many of our Abila clients attend our 2013 HighRoad User Group Conference. Here's one interview we caught:

Microsoft CRM

Microsoft CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is one element in Microsoft's vision to revolutionize business processes and applications. Based in the cloud, Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers sales, marketing and customer solutions to run any business. A powerful platform, Microsoft Dynamics has been designed to be integration-friendly with open APIs, a massive developer community and value-added reseller channel to support and extend the product line.

How We Work with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Our development teams at HighRoad develop in .NET, so we already understand the Microsoft framework and philosophies. The availability of the APIs plus the documentation and support available for Microsoft Dynamics CRM makes it an integration dream. We not only can integrate with the product directly, but we can also integrate with Platform Partners such as Altai Systems that has built their own membership management application layer on top of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform.

Nimble AMS

Nimble AMS

NimbleUser is the developer of Nimble AMS which is a cloud-based association management software platform that is built on top of Salesforce. HighRoad partners with NimbleUser and has created a +Plus product for Nimble AMS to allow organizations to easily plug their Nimble AMS platform to HubSpot and/or BlueHornet to allow data needed for segmentation and business intelligence to easily flow between systems.

Personify 360 by Personify

Personify 360

Personify has one of the most comprehensive association management software systems on the market. Backed by loyal customers, an active user group and heavy support of the association market, Personify is known as a company that provides top quality service to its clientele. We became partners with Personify eight years ago when the Military Officers Association of America asked us if we could solve their email problems by integrating with their database. We started building our integration products at that point and have continued to implement and further develop our solutions for more than thirty top organizations.


How We Work with Personify


We were the first gold-certified Personify partner and have been creating integrations with Personify since 2007. With the most integrations to Personify on the market, we are true experts at being able to leverage the power of Personify's database and business object reporting capabilities for clients. We are long-time supporters of the Personify community and have sponsored and exhibited at all of the formerly named TAUG conferences and local user group events. 

We have appeared on Personify's video TV shows and produced a variety of client testimonials together. Please visit the following to learn more:

Results Direct


HighRoad and ResultsDirect are long-time partners and share many joint clients. ResultsDirect is the developer of a popular content management system that HighRoad integrates with to expose rich data for use in targeted communications.Additionally, HighRoad can automatically repurpose content found within ResultsDirect's CMS and add it into newsletters for the creation of automated, hyper-personalized newsletters such as AssociationsNow+Plus from ASAE.


Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft's SharePoint allows organizations a collaborative work environment in which they can work together on projects, exchange ideas and create knowledge bases. Its robust nature makes it a natural to double as a content management system for an organization's website in addition to serving as its intranet. 

How We Work with SharePoint

We are well familiar with Microsoft since HighRoad Solution is, itself, a .NET development shop. We integrate our communication software platforms with SharePoint to allow the flow through of data, user authentication and the tracking of individual behavior. Additionally, when SharePoint is used as the organization's website, we can employ methods to automatically scrape content and populate email templates to save staff time from copying/pasting from website to email. We work with technology providers such as Protiviti that implement and consult on SharePoint to create integrated eMessaging solutions.



Sitecore has been voted the Best .NET CMS and is used by hundreds of associations to power their website presence. HighRoad can integrate with Sitecore through our +Plus products to automate the data transfer between the CMS and our BlueHornet and/or HubSpot platforms. 



Sitefinity is the name of a popular content management system used by thousands of associations. HighRoad has worked with the Sitefinity product in numerous engagements by consuming both its content via RSS feed and its taxonomic structure to automatically scrape and configure its content into automated newsletters to save organizations the pain of having to post (or worse, copy & paste) into multiple digital channels. Sitefinity is often used in conjunction with Aptify to allow data to flow freely between Aptify, Sitefinity and BlueHornet and/or HubSpot.



Tableau is the popular cloud-based application that puts a visual view on your data to allow for easier visual analytics and insights. HighRoad works with Tableau by exposing the behavioral data found in BlueHornet and/or HubSpot and allowing Tableau to consume the data while aggregating it with other data derived from organizations' association, content and event management systems.  

By Business Use Case

Challenge: You Need Email Marketing and/or Inbound Marketing to Work With Your Current Association Management System (AMS) and peripheral systems use as your Content Management System (CMS), event management system, business intelligence systems, advocacy systems and more.

Solution: HighRoad provides the +Plus product line to connect your data systems and allow you to easily combine various systems together to enable your digital communications to be as targeted and automated as possible.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Content marketing is all the buzz. Why? Because it is a great way to generate interest, is incredibly measurable and best of all, it's the most economical way to build brand. We understand content marketing at its core. The real secret to great content marketing is to design a user experience that takes into account the user's tastes and preferences, gives the user the power of choice, provides content through a variety of different channels and is formatted to be device agnostic so that the user can consume the content at the time and place of their choosing.

Talk to us about your content marketing strategy and let us work with you to understand your data landscape, the tools available and how you can design user experience flows that are based on calls-to-action. Modern marketing is all about putting together a variety of content delivery channels and driving content down them to get results. HighRoad Solution is the only agency in the not-for-profit market that are experts in creating integrated communication ecosystems to allow you to build a multi-channel, multi-touchpoint, user-centric strategy.

Some of our content marketing solutions that we can offer include:

  • email marketing
  • social media marketing
  • Newsletter Xpress
  • Newsletter Xpress+
  • SMS and voice mail messaging
  • repurposing archived webinar content
  • strategy blueprints

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing has radically changed over the last few years. If you're still talking click-throughs and opens, you're Old School. Let us help you modernize and leap forward in your communication capabilities and processes so that you can increase your impact.
What we know from years of experience is this: the majority of organizations vastly underestimate the complexity of email marketing and the variety of skillsets needed in-house to really do it well. With today's world of responsive and adaptive templates that deliver content to email clients on desktops, tablets and phones, email marketing is radically different than it was even three years ago. We are experts at outfitting your staff with the tools that won't frustrate them and experts at creating integrated email marketing solutions that will minimize mistakes and eliminate redundant, repetitive and flat out boring tasks such as list management. Best of all, we're experts at providing solutions to launch your organization forward so that you can move to being proactive, focused on how to better engage your audience and spending time being creative in your communications. 

Event Marketing

Event Marketing

A large portion of most organization's communication portfolio centers around events. Whether you are sending, posting or providing video to promote the event or providing instructions and updates as to what to expect at the event, digital communications are key. We offer a wide variety of software and know-how that can be crafted together to create a unique solution for you. Better yet, we can provide the consulting and implementation so that you don't have to figure it out yourself and you aren't stuck with one aspect of event marketing and not the full range of tools and techniques you need to do it well. We help clients create smooth workflows that can be measured because we can integrate the systems to allow data to be used throughout the lifecycle of an event. 

We find that most organizations underestimate how many kinds of software and techniques are needed for event marketing, and how much time is spent in list management and cutting & pasting. We try and smooth out this process and eliminate these low-level, time consuming tasks through integration and automation. End-to-end solutions we can provide with our partners include:

Webinar Programs

The promotion of the webinar through email and social media, to registration, to the actual live event, to the archiving and repurposing of content through social media and email, we have solutions to make life easy.

Live Events

The promotion of the live event through email, social, text and voice messaging to registration, mobile app, livestreaming and post-event communications and archiving of content, we have solutions to fit your event lifecycle for hybrid and live events.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing

What do you do when you need to get your message out to people for whom you don't have email addresses? How do you get in front of a market that you want to target when you can't buy email lists (that's a no-no) and the target market you want is on social media? What if you're just seeing flat open rates on email and you need to revitalize your audience? Well, if you're like a growing population of organizations, you're turning to inbound marketing to turn your content into engagement.

What's inbound marketing? It's a content marketing-based methodology that focuses on utilizing omni-channel communications to draw people into your brand and get them hooked on the good stuff--your intellectual property (a.k.a. usually your content). The idea is simple. You provide value-add information and people begin to rely on you. You provide more value-add information and you begin to build trust. You keep providing, you build a relationship. You have a trusted relationship and your target audience will take action. Whether you're looking for new attendees, exhibitors, members or donors, inbound marketing delivers.


How does HighRoad implement inbound marketing? We have developed our own association-focused implementation methodology and apply it to the HubSpot technology platform. We find that for inbound, it's not so much the tools that make for extraordinary results, it's the mindset. We work with organizations to develop the organizational capacity to perform inbound and work with you each month until you get there. (Or, you can be like some of our clients and just outsource your project!).

Ways that HighRoad Offers Inbound Marketing:

  • Project basis--maybe you want to just do a new member/exhibitor/attendee campaign or make your renewals a lot easier
  • Full inbound marketing platform implementation: you want to measure every aspect of your prospects & members using inbound + HubSpot
  • Persona development: you're heard about personas and would love to have them, but don't have the time or skillset to know how to develop them
  • Lead scoring & lifecycle stage development: create a more effective way to qualify prospects and understand engagement

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is one of the hottest topics in marketing/technology nowadays and there's a good reason why--organizations are looking to grow their constituent bases and do so in an economical, measurable way. Marketing automation is the process of lead nurturing through automating the delivery of specific content to targeted users based on how they behave. HighRoad has the systems and the know-how to help you to develop your own marketing automation program to save your staff time and deliver content that your users truly want. We have several different ways that we provide marketing automation including:

Email Marketing Automation:

We can use Campaign eMail to allow emails to be automatically sent based on user behavior such as open, download, join, renew and donate. Email campaigns can be designed and formatted to ensure that regular processes happen automatically and the staff is not burdened with redundant work. This "set it and forget it" ability tracks the open, click throughs and shares of user behavior and automatically segments those that do respond with those that don't so that subsequent action can take place.Using what are called 'strategy blueprints' we can help you put together win-back, welcome and social influencer programs that will save time and allow you to do more.

Transactional Messaging:

What many organizations don't realize is that there are really two types of email distribution platforms: promotional and transactional. Promotional delivery email architecture is what we all typically think of email marketing...we create an email and hit the send button and it's distributed to a list. Transactional messaging actually uses a different type of delivery network to allow you to send massive volumes of unique emails that are dynamically created based on a trigger. There are several common types of triggers--it could be that you just purchased a book and the receipt you receive is automatically kicked out to include not just your purchase history, but also coupons, cross-sell information and perhaps a dynamic message to remind the recipient that it is time to register for the annual meeting. 

What's wonderful about transactional messaging is that you can set it and forget it. Create dynamic newsletters using our Newsletter Xpress Plus tool that automatically pulls content from your website and matches it to users' interest based on their given interests found in their profile. Allow users to select how often they want to receive new content and let the platform do the work. Newsletter Xpress Plus is off and operating by itself, ensuring that formatting is perfect, content is relevant and users get what they want. (Is it any wonder that open rates skyrocket?)

Users are looking for an email confirmation of their purchase, so why miss an opportunity to market? Our transactional messaging platform can also be plugged into your association management system or customer relationshp management system to replace the auto-responder emails for purchases. Take the opportunity to send beautiful HTML emails that you can add images to, update with links and additional information as you see fit. Best of all, transactional messaging is not under the same spam rules so even if a user has opted out from your regular communications, you can still send receipts. Why not include a link to re-subscribe or provide helpful information for all of those people? Exactly. Why not? The sky is the limit when you start thinking about all of the ways that you could use transactional messaging.

Recurring Messaging:

Did someone say renewals and "register now" emails? Our Campaign eMail platform includes the ability to set up a series of recurring messages that allow you to schedule once and let the system do the work. Through our integrations with your membership or donor management system, we are able to create the logic that allows emails to be dynamically sent out based on data you specify. You want to send out a "thank you" email for each member on their anniversary? How about sending out an event reminder email that only goes to the people that have not yet registered, but have registerd at least three times in the past within the early bird period? Sure, why not? With our integrated eMessaging solutions and the automation capabilities available within Campaign eMail you actually have time to, get this...be proactive about your marketing. Just think how good you could be if you weren't in a panic trying to create emails each week!

Strategy Blueprints:

If you love recurring messages, Strategy Blueprints will thrill you. Built right into the feature set of Campaign eMail, Strategy Blueprints allow you to set up an automated series of email sends based on the recipients' actual behavior. Think about how you could cultivate and nurture a first time attendee from registering for the conference to participating in the town hall, speed networking programs and adding on the special VIP dinner ticket. Think about how you could set up a series of emails to send

Newsletter Xpress:

We have developed a content marketing workflow tool called Newsletter Xpress that eliminates the need for constantly cutting and pasting from websites to your email newsletter. Newsletter Xpress can be used to scrape, pull and post content from your website or other RSS-based assets and automatically populate into your email templates to save staff time and eliminate errors introduced from copying and pasting.

Newsletter Xpress+:

The advanced version of Newsletter Xpress, our Plus product uses our transactional messaging platform to fully automate the formatting and delivery of automated email newsletters based on a variety of content sources and demographic preferences derived from a user's profile stored in your constituent relationship management system. Users decide when and what content they want to receive and the system does the rest by matching content to the user and automatically assembling and delivering content based on the time frame the user dictates. Organizations love it for the dozens of hours per month it saves in putting together newsletters and how it allows the organization to rapidly evolve to a user-centric organization.

Membership Marketing

Membership Marketing

We have a variety of software subscriptions and integrations with the leading membership management software platforms to make membership marketing a whole lot easier. Starting with our Campaign eMail or eMail Connect email marketing services, we connect these into your membership system to ensure that member information can be used to create highly targeted data segments. Our Campaign eMail includes several automation features to make life easy including:

  • welcome new member/new leader automated campaigns
  • happy birthday and anniversary campaigns
  • renewal campaigns
  • member-get-a-member campaigns

Our solutions can also power your entire membership communications by offering newsletters, invitations and announcements. We'll work with you to design the best templates and content for your membership and support you in ensuring your emails are delivered. We can also work to ensure that you are compliant with the new Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL) and undertake a re-permissioning campaign to ensure your Canadian members have truly opted in to your communications.

Speaking of opt-in, we have a wide variety of solutions to ensure you are compliant with spam laws, but that your membership department is getting the maximum engagement out of each member by preventing erroneous global opt-outs. We are experts at building engagement email preference center pages that not only provide protection from global opt-outs, but that also collect a wide variety of member interest and preference data that can be folded into your membership marketing to create hyper-personalized communications.

Our membership marketing solutions aren't limited to email. Our clients also take advantage of our SMS, voice and fax services to provide multiple ways to communicate with the membership. Additionally, we can work with you to create custom Facebook tab apps that allow members and prospective members to sign up for newsletters, enter contests and more. We're experts at both lead generation and loyalty marketing and can consult with you on how to do both using the same set of software subscriptions, but through different types of marketing campaigns.

Finally, we also offer a variety of event and online collaboration tools that you may wish to use in your membership marketing. Whether you want to hold new member orientation webinars, or outfit your chapter leaders with email and online meeting tools to make their local work more effective, we can partner with you to help create communication solutions that drive content and deliver results.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

When most people hear "mobile marketing", they immediately think about their mobile device and mobile apps. This is certainly one part of mobile marketing, but many of us miss out on thinking about SMS messaging and its power. Additionally, when you think of mobile apps, most people aren't realizing that there is a cloud-based content management system that is powering the content of the mobile app. If it has content, it uses the cloud and offers APIs, that means that we can integrate to it. 

Based on this, we offer a variety of solutions for mobile marketing including:

  • Mobile app implementation and integration to event registration, membership management content management and email marketing platforms
  • SMS messaging services for sending alerts, polls and promotions
  • Strategy and campaign development for mobile app launch and roll-out
  • Mobile campaigns based on segmentation, behavioral responses and keyword triggers
  • Interactive Mobile Web Program enables companies to distribute and securely track redeemed mobile coupons, prizes and giveaways

HighRoad Solution provides a carrier-grade delivery infrastructure that meets the highest standards for speed, security, scale ability and reliability. Outsource your mobile marketing to HighRoad and let us manage the complex carrier relationships, distribution, billing and customer service to allow you to focus your time on developing productive mobile programs, content, and applications.

Social Marketing

Social Marketing

Social media marketing, or at least the hooks into social platforms in the forms of "share this" and "tweet this" are an inherent part of any digital communications strategy in today's world. Many of the software subscriptions that social hooks built into them, but our offerings go much farther than just the ability to post to a social outpost. We carry both Shoutlet and Hootsuite, two of the top platforms for social media marketing management, to allow organizations to aggregate and distribute their workflow processes of social posting within an organization and across volunteer channels, as well as to provide rich analytics as to the efficacy of their social media programs. Our social media marketing offerings also include the ability to run contests, create landing pages and custom apps within Facebook to allow your organization to truly put together digital campaigns that include an entire user's experience from email to social action to conversion. We offer platforms so that you can do it yourself, or we can design and build social media programs for you. After all, at HighRoad, it's all about U.

By Organization Type

Challenge: You Need Email Marketing and/or Inbound Marketing to Work With Your Current Association Management System (AMS) and You Are Unique.

Solution: Coming into its tenth year in the association market, HighRoad has a deep understanding about the differences between the different organizational structures within the association world and the general needs of each. We have solutions that can work for an AMC with multiple clients, or a national organization with multiple chapters. Peruse our solutions by organizational type and see if you're truly unique, or if you can leverage best practices shared by organizations that are like-minded.



Agency partners love HighRoad Solution because we carry the best communication software products on the market and have the technical know-how to integrate them. Typically, agencies come to HighRoad because they offer great creative and content services and need communication channels to power their marketing campaigns. Agency partners sometimes choose to become a full-fledged reseller of the HighRoad Solution software and integration product portfolio, or just to partner with us to handle the technology components.

Association Management Companies


Association Management Companies (AMCs) love to partner with HighRoad Solution because we can offer one-stop shopping for the digital communication needs of all of your managed associations. Whether your association contracts need to include email marketing, webinars, social media, event registration or mobile apps, HighRoad has a full portfolio of solutions that we can deploy and integrate with the association management software that you manage. Talk to us about offering full-service support or train-the-trainer type of support where we work with your staff to be able to train and support your customers' association members.

CPA Societies

CPA Societies

CPA Societies love HighRoad Solution because we integrate with the membership management systems used by CPA societies and provide time-saving solutions for email, webinar programs and more. We work with dozens of CPA societies and understand the heavy need for marketing events and continuing education programs. Let us work with you to develop great campaigns to increase attendance and revenue. We'll find great ways to combine your communication software systems with your member data to automate your communications, saving you time and increasing the quality of content your members receive. 

Here are just a few of the state CPA societies that we are proud to support:

  • The One and Only Tar Heel State--North Carolina
  • Virginia 
  • New York
  • New Jersey
  • California
  • Michigan

Foundations & Fundraising Organizations

Foundations & Fundraising Organizations

Foundations and fundraising organizations typically come to HighRoad Solution because they want top quality communications, but have a small staff or a staff composed of many volunteers. The organizations are seeking ways to streamline their communications through automation and integration and find ways to ensure that the visual identity of the organizations' brand is strictly managed. HighRoad Solution understands all of these needs and has created solutions to meet the challenges of lack of time, lack of skilled content creators and high expectations for quality and accuracy. We're proud to be able to support the communications of well-known foundations and fundraising organizations, including:

  • ASAE Foundation
  • Foster Care to Success-Orphan Foundation of America
  • CREW Network Foundation

Health/Medical/Scientific Societies/Associations

Health & Medical

Health and medical societies love HighRoad because we thrive on complexity, accuracy and sophistication. We understand the demands placed on your society and the pure amount of volume of content that you need to create and deliver. Our entire software subscription portfolio has been selected to ensure that we can integrate with your membership management and content management systems to make your life easy. The rich data found in your membership platforms affords us the opportunity to create highly targeted communications that are highly personalized and delivered in the format required by the particular users within your society. Our deep understanding of the needs of health and medical society members means that we understand that they aren't always sitting at a desk, often need multiple email addresses and often read their information on tablets and phones. We also understand that health and medical society members are smart and want smart communications. We're experts at creating solutions that health and medical societies love.

Some of our health and medical society clients include:

  • Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing
  • American Dental Association
  • Society for Neuroscience
  • Canadian Pharmacists Association
  • American Association of Family Physicians
  • American Optometric Association
  • American Gastroenterology Association
  • Association of Nutrition & Food Service Professionals
  • American Society of Plastic Surgeons
  • National Strength & Conditioning Association
  • Drug Information Association



We are so grateful to be able to work with such wonderful non-profits that trust their communications to HighRoad Solution. Non-profit organizations typically select HighRoad for our customer support center, partnership approach and our ability to successfully work in fast-paced and high pressure environments like non-profits often find themselves in when serving members and donors. Our software solutions help non-profits communicate more effectively and far more efficiently than they thought possible due to integrations and automation. Our non-profit clients take the HighRoad because it is the fastest way to further their mission. Some of our non-profit clients include:

  • Rotary International
  • Kiwanis International
  • Charlotte Chamber of Commerce
  • Toastmasters International
  • Gideons International

Professional Membership Associations

Professional Associations

The world of professional membership associations is vast. We are endlessly fascinated by the fact that there really is an association for everything! We work with professional associations that represent a wide variety of members, but the common thread is always the need to communicate more strategically, more efficiently and more effectively. We love when we can partner together and create solutions that truly save organizations time and headaches. Communication is truly the key to healthy relationships and we take this seriously when we design solutions to allow association staff to do more with less effort. Digital communications are only getting more complex with more and more options. Professional membership associations choose HighRoad because they see us as a partner that can provide expert advice on what to use, what to skip and how to best implement today's technology to achieve maximum results.

We are proud to power the communications of so many professional associations, including:

  • American Society of Association Executives (ASAE)
  • Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA)
  • NTEN Non-Profit Technology Network
  • Meeting Professionals International
  • AMT-The Association of Manufacturing Technology
  • SnowSports Industries America
  • Military Officers Association of America
  • International Legal Technology Association
  • Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants

Trade Associations

Trade Association

Trade associations love HighRoad Solution because we offer a variety of ways for them to both better communicate with their member organizations, but also find new ways to improve their ability to mobilize the membership to take action. Our trade association clients typically utilize HighRoad Solution for our integrated email solutions, as well as our webinar services. Additionally, many of them use our SMS and voice messaging services to get out the word on breaking political news and spur legislative calls-to-action.