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Solution Elements

Step 1 What Are You Trying to Accomplish
from a Business Perspective?
The Importance of Digitally-Driven Business Strategy

Our solutions first start with an understanding of what you are trying to accomplish before we get to the how we will implement. We find that many associations approach us jumping to the how and the "here's what we do now, we need a better tool" when often times the issue is that the strategy is missing and the current workflow processes aren't optimized for the tools being used.

Before we get to the tactical, we stop to understand the business goal and what you're trying to achieve. In digital, the end justifies the means. Do you want greater insight or just a faster way to deploy email? Why are you looking for a new email tool, but haven't investigated your current workflow processes? Are you really sending too many emails, or are your emails just not resonating with your market? We pair you with digital marketing experts who will ask the tough questions and work with you to figure out the right solution.

This might feel a little new for associations whom have long been trained to be do-it-yourselfers and figure out the strategy by yourself. Today's modern associations realize that there are so many choices out there that it's no longer an apples-to-apples comparison and no one right way to tackle a business goal in digital. Our client-partners look to us to work together to undertake digital transformation.

Step 2 What Is the Right marketing technology stack for Your Organization?

It's not the tool, it's the know how. There are a LOT of different digital marketing tools out there and you need to understand the pros and cons of each. We take you through a process to pair you with the software tools that fit you best and then focus on providing you with a comprehensive, integrated solution that both unleashes your data as well as helps your organization achieve operational efficiency. The organizations that choose us are looking for a solution partner that will meet them where they are in their sophistication level, budget and timeframe and provide the guidance and support to move through the digital continuum.

Step 3 Creating the Marketing Technology stack that Works

Once we've identified the business problems, success factors and solution elements to make your association successful, we deliver on the solution by deploying, developing and delivering the solution. Whether you need a new email platform integrated to your association management system, are ready to undertake inbound marketing or need more insight into your ecommerce process, we can build it. What's great about us is we aren't constrained by one platform and can truly do good work by extending platforms, integrations and building custom solutions.

Step 4 Measurable Results

Simply buying a platform puts all the onus on your organization to not only know best practices in digital marketing, but to know how to measure and analyze your metrics. Why go it alone? Our clients look to our staff of seasoned digital marketing experts to get the edge on what the metrics are telling them about user engagement and what to modify to elicit behavioral change. We start and end with metrics to ensure that your digital programs are performing.

Step 5 Continuous Improvement

Our clients have told us loud and clear over ten years of business that they want more than a software company that just pushes their own agenda. They want a partner that will provide them continuous guidance and marketing technology business consulting over the years to ensure that they aren't stuck on one platform and to keep them informed of new options and ways to tackle all aspects of their digital marketing.