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Professional Services

U got bumps and bruises from trying to leverage technology to communicate with your constituents?  Let us help get your organization into optimal health by providing the right remedy. Whether you need an integration, answers, or a whole new approach to your communications, we're here with the TLC you deserve. 

Digital Marketing Strategy:

We know, we know. You know you're overemailing. You know you aren't being as targeted as you could be. You want to get more strategic, but there's no time because you're too busy trying to hit the send button on the day and time that you were allocated on the organizational calendar. Maybe you also feel like your social, mobile, web and email could be better connected so you could actually have metrics that explain registrations, renewals, joins and purchases.

If any of this sounds like your organization, you aren't alone. We work with organizations to design new strategies at the organizational and campaign level. We can come in and work on one small aspect, or provide a large scale digital communications audit. We can work with you to ensure that your organization really is making the most of its digital options in today's world and that you are using the interconnectedness of the different communication channels effectively.Talk to us about how to move your organization to be user-centric, multi-touchpoint and multi-channel. 

Areas of Strategic Consulting:

  • Persona development
  • Buyer's lifecycle
  • Lead scoring & lead pipeline development
  • Social media plans
  • Email marketing programs
  • User tracking analytics programs
  • Multi-system integration to create ecosystems
  • Activation & engagement strategies
  • Digital portfolio audits
  • Integrated marketing campaigns (print + digital across multiple channels)

Content Marketing:

The struggle for associations is rarely the ability to produce valuable content. The struggle is in optimizing its packaging, visual appeal and distribution of content. HighRoad works with you to develop & deliver content that drives measurable impact. We work with associations in a variety of ways within the world of content marketing, including:

  • Keyword development 
  • Search engine marketing
  • Content mapping for conversion funnels & personas
  • Topic identification
  • Copywriting
  • Information architecture for digital content assets (websites, email newsletters, landing pages)
  • Content campaign measurement

Graphic Design:

There are graphic designers who can design logos, those that can design your annual conference print brochure and then those that know how to design for digital. We design for digital which means that we are masters at being able to design for email, websites, call-to-action buttons, landing pages and social media. Graphic design for digital means that we come from a mobile-first mindset and are focused first on user interaction and user experience before using colors and images. We don't decorate, we activate. Better yet, we can code what we design so that it works the first time on your time.

We offer graphic design services in the following areas:

  • Email template design
  • Email newsletter design
  • Landing pages
  • Buttons, Banners & icons
  • Blogs
  • Websites

We're also more than happy to work with your in-house designer or agency to take your design and turn it into a working, digital asset that works across emai clients (yes, even Outlook), social media and is device-agnostic.


Is a 17% open rate good? Bad? Why are you getting bounce backs? Are you getting blacklisted? Do you know the rules of CAN-SPAM and now, CASL? Don't understand why an email just won't render correctly in Outlook 2010? These are all the common questions that we receive on a daily basis and that our Deliverability Experts answer. 

Deliverability covers a wide range of areas within the world of email. Ranging from the subject lines, graphics, content, addresses and more, being able to track down the why of an email bounceback requires an expert who really understands the ins and outs of email marketing. We break down our deliverability services in two major areas and provide both consulting and continued service to ensure you have a stellar email reputation.

Email Reputation Consulting

Let us work with you to improve your email reputation. We'll review and advise you on a variety of different email practices, including the benefits of being on a dedicated IP address, and then work with the internet service providers to get you off blacklists and get you whitelisted. Our consulting services also include working with you on re-permissioning campaigns to comply with the Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL) scheduled to go into effect July 2014.

Deliverability Monitoring

Many of our clients also outsource their deliverability monitoring to HighRoad since we have the relationships with the internet service providers and the tools to monitor your email delivery. Our experts will monitor your email reputation and provide you with regular updates including delivery outcomes, any blocks that may have occurred and work conducted to remove you from blacklists.


Software products are great for providing you with a platform that millions of users have vetted and improved. They're great for being backed by hundreds of developers and architected for the cloud to ensure high availability and security. All these aspects are why we partner with the best software platforms on the market to deliver them to you in a subscription format.

But, let's face facts, they're products and you're unique. Product companies know that and that's why they partner with agencies like HighRoad Solution to provide the development of integrations, the value-add of developing applications to enhance the software product platforms and the tender loving care of having a training and support team that not only knows the products, but knows not-for-profits.

Our development team is unparalleled in the market for its knowledge of the association management, content management and social networking systems that power the association and non-profit market. Our partnerships with the developers of these software products gives us the access, the training and the relationships to be able to develop deep integrations that fit your data and solve your challenges.

We actively participate in the developer training days, the online social networks and provide regular product feedback to the major AMS companies, including:

  • Aptify
  • Avectra, an Abila company
  • Advanced Solutions International (makers of iMIS)
  • ACGI
  • CDS
  • Personify
  • Altai Systems

No one has created more integrations than HighRoad Solution and our integrations stand out in terms of the quality and breadth of integration. Our nine year history of developing integrations has allowed us to productize our integrations for a much faster implementation time, but we continue to extend these with custom development to ensure that the integration fits to your unique database and ecosystem.

In addition to our reputation for integration excellence, we also development our own plug-in extender and workflow applications to make life easy for association and non-profit marketing and communication professionals. Our Newsletter Xpress product is a great example of our work. We continue to develop custom solutions for clients to streamline their workflow processes, their reporting and dashboarding capabilities and more. 

Our team understands both technology and not-for-profit business and we work with you in real-time to solve business problems through architecting technical solutions. Our clients love working directly with our development teams to create solutions in the fastest and most effective manner possible.

Talk to us about your next project and how we can help improve the life of your organization.

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