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Starting with our founders' strong partnership, HighRoad Solution has grown through joining forces with like-minded technology companies and industry professionals. We are proud partners to many organizations and offer a variety of partnership programs of our own. Whether you are looking to resell our products and services, or just want to associate yourself with our brand to better market your business, we'd love to learn more about you. All of our partnerships are carefully vetted to ensure that we share similar philosophies and business practices; we know that partnerships take time and investment so we choose our partners carefully and dedicate the resources necessary to create mutually beneficial outcomes. You can be assured that we can work together to create a new solution that is unique as your organization.

 Platform Partners

Our software platform partner program includes software developers with whom we have worked to develop integrations. We have two types of platform partners: those where we both resell and integrate the software and those with whom we just work to build and implement integrations. For each of our platform partners, we fully participate in and support their user groups, conferences and training.  We send our own staff to all developer days available to ensure that we have the most up-to-date knowledge and so that we can update our own integration products to work with new software releases. Our integration products include their own software update plan so that you don't have to worry about your integration working with the latest release. We are able to provide this through our commitment and our participation in the partner programs of our platform partners.

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Technology Partners

Technology partners are companies with whom we work to support clients. Typically, our technology partners are value-added resellers themselves for one of our platform partners' products and offer implementation and development services. We work with our technology partners to ensure that the clients receives the best care possible and no finger pointing occurs. Many of our technology partners also create their own software applications to extend our platform partners' product lines and we regularly receive debriefs and share ideas on how to utilize and improve their value-add software applications.

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    Marketing Partners

    Our Marketing Partner Program is designed to develop mutually beneficial relationships between organizations for a variety of purposes including education, expanded access into certain niche market areas and cross-promotion. We hold pro bono relationships with many of our marketing partners whereby their organization may use HighRoad Solution services in exchange for marketing and advertising opportunities, or where we may decide to jointly market together to create a stronger message and increase the reach of our brand. Our Marketing Partner Program is our most diverse of our partner programs and includes a wide variety of types of organizations including partners to whom we source work as part of our client solution delivery system. The program also includes partners where we underwrite programs or fund events that we believe will bring needed education to the not-for-profit market.


    Industry Partners

    Unlike the corporate technology world that includes known analyst firms such as Forrester and Gartner, the not-for-profit technology world does not, per se, have recognized analyst groups that study and report on the market. Instead, a variety of consulting organizations, individual consultants and agencies exist within the space that work with associations and non-profits to counsel them on software selection, project management and implementation options. We partner with these types of organizations and categorize them as our Industry Partner program as they are an important component to the overall operation and health of the not-for-profit technology market. Having said that, many of the relationships are informal and need to be so to continue to allow the industry consultant to remain neutral and unbiased towards technology providers. We regularly debrief the firms included in our Industry Partner list and provide them with insights into our work and the trends that we see in the not-for-profit technology space.

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