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The HighRoad Difference

Simply put--the HighRoad difference is that we chose long ago not to build our own email platform and in so doing, relegate ourselves to email marketing and one cumbersome software platform. Instead, we had the vision to see that the actual tools that associations will use throughout the years will change, but the know how for which tool to use when, how to integrate and more importantly, how to best leverage data for operational efficiency, is beyond time. 

The HighRoad Difference is Vision.

We saw long ago that the actual software platforms that associations use for creating and posting their digital content is just that--a tool. The real mastery comes in knowing how to correctly utilize the tool, add it into the technology infrastructure and interpret the results of the tool that separates the tool-makers from the market players.

Instead of spending our time worrying about and investing in point tools, we partner with best-of-breed providers who have the backing of hundreds of thousands of users (and shareholders) to ensure that their tools are the best on the market. We take these tools and "associationize" these to make them compatible with your association management systems and content management systems.

We focus on the "what are you trying to do" instead of the "let's keep your staff and email simple" and create the right solution for the right organization.

That's the HighRoad.