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HighRoad U

For many organizations, digital marketing is a new undertaking. Associations are looking for how to best staff their organizations, craft campaigns and measure programs in the digital age. We created HighRoad U to help all associations evolve fully into digital (and help corporate marketers new to the association world understand what's different). HighRoad U is our educational initiative where we create & curate content specifically for association marketers and focus on providing tools, techniques and tips in a practical manner. The majority of our content has been created & curated for the U based on feedback and requests we receive. We are a qualified provider of CAE credits from ASAEand proud to help support the professional development of board members, staff and volunteers everywhere.

HighRoad U Programs Include: 

HighRoad U Library

We create our own original content based on feedback & market demands. Additionally, we have content partners that allow us to curate and share the tools and templates that modern marketers need. The HighRoad U library also stores all of our on-demand webinars and is the host of our live webinars that we hold every Friday at 3 pm eastern. 



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State of Digital Marketing in Associations Research Study

While studies exist that focus on email and websites, it's not enough in today's world. We started studying the state of digital marketing in 2014 to understand how the business of associations is changing in the digital age. Our study takes a comprehensive look at how organizations are structured, budgeting & utilizing the myriad of digital channels available. The longitudinal study is conducted by our marketing partner, Demand Metric and provides a statistically sound report that is frequently cited by media and used by associations to benchmark their progress in evolving into market-driven organizations. The 2014 State of Digital Marketing in Associations Study is available and the 2015 version will be released at the 2015 ASAE Annual Conference in early August, 2015.


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Inbound Lunch Bunch

We started the Inbound Lunch Bunch as an experiment to see if we were the only ones interested in talking about inbound marketing methodologies. Turned out, we're not. In fact, it is our most attended program and available virtually each month. Each month we feature a special speaker, focus in on one important topic in inbound and provide value-added resources. 



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Association Innovation Seminars

We are so impassioned about bringing digital marketing into the limelight in the association community that we put together a seminar series that runs throughout 2015. Stopping in New York, Chicago, Toronto and DC, the seminar series touches on how digital is changing association business. We discuss digital's impact on technology, staffing, marketing, professional development/education and events. The seminars are free and offer CAE credits. The July seminar was livestreamed & recorded and available within the HighRoad U library for on-demand access.





Toolkit of the Month

The Toolkit of the Month program provides association professionals with templates, workbooks and outlines for common planning needs in digital marketing. We curate the tools from the massive marketing library of our partner, Demand Metric. Each month we focus on a specific topic and put together a collection of tools to allow association professionals frameworks & formats to take the guesswork out of strategic & tactical planning. The tools are tried and tested by corporate marketers & we make them available to the association community.



Toolkit of the Month Program

One Stop Demos

Sometimes you want education & sometimes you want a straight-up product demo. We're not the vendor that has the webinar program and calls it education while selling to you the whole time. We're the partner that believes in transparency & practices candor. We're also the partner that thinks multi-hour demos are only impactful if you have unlimited access to caffeine and oxygen to stay awake.

We put the One Stop Demo series together so that you don't have to sit for hours to see different aspects of the platforms we offer. Since the platforms that we offer are enterprise-grade and used by tens of thousands of organizations, demo'ing all the features would take all day. We put together our demo program so that you can watch live and on-demand to see different product feature sets that our clients love & that take digital communications to a new level.



Upcoming One Stop Demos